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  1. Look at Rock during the hall of fame when he inducted his father. He was a fucking stick.

  2. Tbf, his agent was telling him he needed to slim down for more roles. He fired him and got a new team and the rest was history.

  3. One thing that is becoming more common with smaller brands who source from MGP is to buy freshly filled barrels (as opposed to aged stock, which has become difficult to obtain) in order to age them at their facility. A barrel in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and a barrel in Houston, TX will have distinct differences despite the same mashbill. For non-sourced (grain to glass) whiskey, the major differentiation comes from being focused on location (don’t say terroir…). Local grain, local water, local people, and the effects of the local (micro-)climate are how to tell the story. Source: I do this.

  4. Some of the Rebecca Creek MGP picks down here have been wild. I had one that anyone who tried it said it was BTac levels quality.

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 2022 WWE is everything that 44-year-old Punk actually wants.

  6. I would much rather Punk and AEW just work things out and let him wrestle his last 2 years and ride off into the sunset.

  7. Solid, I like my winter beers to be a little heftier but it's nice and malty.

  8. Podcast I listened to today said that Bobby/Brock 3 should be HIAC. Let them destroy each other.

  9. Sloppy moment and meh ending aside great match, Batista and Undertaker had incredible chemistry.

  10. Rock has famously said he wished he did a program with Rey and HBK

  11. Also MVP. That was a hell of a performance for Brock

  12. Exactly. Cabana is like the farthest thing from an asshole. I get that money changes people but Punk was entirely in the wrong going nuclear there. Probably why one of the reasons why he waited so long without saying anything

  13. Their High Rye Bourbon picks are my favorite whiskeys for value and my favorite MGP bourbon. Their wheated is also quite nice.

  14. Almost got the high rye but figured since I was getting this for first time I’d try out the regular stuff .. I really do enjoy it !

  15. If you like rye, their rye makes a killer old fashioned. It's kind of become a well known secret amongst bars down here in Tejas

  16. Tbf Seth in kayfabe seems like the perfect tag partner since he manages to make it work with anybody

  17. I recall Seth grilling Jason Jordan about his lack of planning or strategy when they teamed together and thought that it was a nice touch.

  18. Despite the end result, I like how she tried her best to put on a good show. It shows that she cares and there can only be improvement once people start caring/be passionate about what they do. I really hope she improves and gets to the point where she can be acknowledged for her efforts.

  19. I like Ronda, I really do. She just needs a fresh environment. SDL women's roster is very thin. Honestly, I feel like she would do so much better in AEW where everything isn't so hamfisted.

  20. I like lower proof stuff more when it's day time. Right now I really dig this Brenne single malt, only 80 proof with a light beer.

  21. Lashley making me want to see someone hit a spear into a school boy, like he almost did.

  22. I've always said I wanted to see Randy Orton hit an RKO out of a figure 4 leg lock

  23. Man, Angelo Dawkins has steadily improved in a lot of ways with every outing of his I've seen this last couple years, and I was one of the people waiting for him to fall away as soon as Montez got 'chosen' to go singles.

  24. One thing that I've noticed when Dawks had his summer of singles matches, which were all very good mind you, is that both of them got into changing their physique but only one of them appeared to have extra help if you know what I mean.

  25. But like I'd like to see something off the wall like Montez winning the Rumble and Him and Dawks fight the Usos for the Tag Titles in the main event. Or Xavier.

  26. Fuck Sami and Owen's vs the Usos at Mania. I want double world champ main event Jey 2 Belts Uso book Trips you fucking coward.

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