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  1. Speeds up play? Are you sinking putts from 100yards out or walking at the pace of a snail? On long putts we are talking about saving 3-5 seconds per long putt made. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion your group isn’t making 12 of those a round. Even if they did you saved yourself a min.

  2. Did you in know the difference between a 4 hour round and a 4.5 hour round is about 7 seconds per shot?

  3. That math checks out. Shouldn’t take 7 seconds to get a putt out of a cup though so not sure the relevancy.

  4. Gotta save time all the time! Although I’ve never thought about leaving a putt in the hole. It would take the same amount of time for me to walk up and get it as the next guy would to put his ball on his mark and line up/address it. Plus I feel like I’d get weird looks for just standing there not getting it, costing everyone more time.

  5. Why would you refinance and then sell? That’s a weird way to spend more money on closing costs than necessary. Just sell the home, pay off the debts and then move.

  6. Yep. And now there is a question as to whether that is cheaper/easier than OP’s options. Sell and move is not an option. Sell, and move TWICE, while spending money on renting for a time, might be.

  7. Just shut the fuck up and stop making waves. Do the minimum. Get your money. Fuck them.

  8. Did anyone even watch the video? He didn’t “bang on the window”, he knocked. He politely got their attention (by yelling because there was a window in between them) to let them know why he was there. They recognized him, he explained he was only there for one night so had no other opportunity to try the pizza, they understood why he was interrupting, they engaged in polite banter. He was bummed that he couldn’t review. They offered him what they had. He took it and explained the whole situation in the review with video of the encounter and then reviewed a cookie. Wtf was shitty or horrible about this? I swear people have forgotten what the real world is like.

  9. You make friends exactly ONE way: repetitive proximity involving a common interest or activity.

  10. I did think to myself that Dan is the only person I ever hear talking about Louie CK.

  11. If you are inside the band you’re not getting any adjustment just because you know where you sit within it. The band is a MARKET band. Not a performance band. Usually they are deliberately wide to specifically account for all variables that might go into hiring, recruiting, and compensation. Including: experience, performance, salary demands, market conditions, business needs, urgency, etc.

  12. Same. No worries ever. AA even broke the case itself one time somehow snapping a wheel off. Clubs were a-ok. AA paid to replace the bag. Hard case for life.

  13. I don't know the reasoning for almost everything the TSA does. Just for fun, read their list of what's allowed and not allowed (link to full list on their website below). Some highlights...

  14. How do you bring fish without bringing water? Does the water containing the fish get a pass?

  15. This reply would be good if risk wasn't a thing. However, this response ignores risk. The question isn't "which one do you expect will have a better return", the question is: does the expected average return on stock (after subtracting tax and the interest cost) fully compensate for the added risk of that option? At 6%, I'd say no way.

  16. ‘You’ + ‘expect’ = risk tolerance. 6% is basically the inflection point for these decisions. OP really can’t go wrong either way.

  17. Started off as a security blanket and gives me tons of confidence that my family and I are far beyond secure. However, the boring middle, which I am currently smack in the center of, kind of sucks. I have a very well paying job that comes with a decent amount of stress and I am ULTRA aware that I don’t ‘love it’. I can’t quit or I effectively give up my families quality of life AND my long term goals. I also can’t ‘stop’ the march toward FIRE and just start blowing money to emotionally compensate with toys or whatever people do. I just have this weird low-level resentment and anxiety because I know I have to grind this shit out for another 10 years.

  18. To be clear. The wolf tees last, that way he doesn’t know the result of his own shot before he decides to choose a partner or bet on himself.

  19. I just watched it for the first time this year but maybe Grandma’s boy. I thought it was really funny and it’s video game themed so I thought maybe that would help it.

  20. Eh I agree, keeping his ego in check is good content. There’s just nothing he comes on for where that isn’t the tone. The last few times his top 5 has been completely trampled. What happened to refrán del día? Maybe he is not providing those. Just would be good to hear from him where that isn’t the entire bit. It doesn’t feel like he’s having a good time on the show anymore

  21. They took his confidence and are proving to him that’s it’s all based on delusion. Started with calling him 10-day Tony only for it to never happen, getting blocked by Ron, Meech telling him he had no shot - just intentional exposure after exposure after exposure to the reality that his confidence is founded on self-told lies. Then billy senses weakness, pounces and murders the mouse.

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