1. ye if he would've atleast spent 0.1% of 15 years on reddit he would've known what shitpost is

  2. Peak masterclass! Owned every MI bowler. Picture perfect innings. I was hoping that he would cross the 150 mark but nevertheless an incredible innings.

  3. Nah qualifying on the league stage basis is dumb af. I can give umpteen examples in Cricket tournaments where 3rd or 4th placed teams have won the final.

  4. Pls put it at the end when everyone goes to sleep peacefully.

  5. I picked hearing as I've heard enough BS in my life. Not gonna lose rest of the others.

  6. I hate worms and the rest I'll take those natural human sufferings any day.

  7. Eagerly waiting to watch Jaiswal, Gill, Ruturaj, Tilak Varma, Rinku Singh if they get selected.

  8. So the black smoke coming out of it's engines is due to the birds?

  9. oh boo hoo, "he posted mangoes!! when RCB was losing!!... how are RCB ever gonna recover from the mental trauma from this brutal trolling!!"

  10. my point all along was Kohli started insta feud first with his posts. you're the one who made that nonsensical comment that I'm justifying a catch post with the mango post and what not.

  11. Which is correct may be nonsensical to you but that was the whole point. He dragged it and deserved this. It's funny how people thought this won't happen.

  12. There is a video footage Virat and siraj was sledging Naveen how come nobody is talking about that . Naveen just defended himself. The fault is on kholi that's why he remained quiet when gambhir spoke to him angrily

  13. Yes on field so many things will happen. It should have ended there itself instead of all this mango stuff. Obviously Indian fans are angry on him and this is gonna happen sooner or later.

  14. ‘Before doing all this’ like he’s the one who caused this beef and not Kohli as well. Why is only one party supposed to understand and reconcile here?

  15. Because Kohli stopped this once and for all and stated there is no room for hatred. Naveen dragged this and pissed off the Indian fans. That's why I told this is expected to happen. I'm surprised that people didn't saw this coming.

  16. Lmfao avg rcb . Harassing gambhir is also fine for these idiots . Thankfully no trophy . Keep crying every season .

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