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  1. If you buy 1 btc for $17k... and then goes to $7k, you will then care.

  2. I bought my first bitcoin in its first climb to 19k and then held through the whole time it went to 3k. If it goes to 7k I will not care as I don't plan to sell.

  3. Use money when it becomes more widely accepted. But I will never trade it for worse money

  4. One is a shitcoin, the other is not

  5. You can download this for free tho:

  6. This ain't the poster boy bitcoin wants

  7. But what is the propability of something like that happening?

  8. There are more people than brain cells in this video

  9. I play it all the time on steam deck. Got most of my Lost completion marks on it.

  10. Strike ball on house, spare ball on sport.

  11. Would it not just be best to use spare ball for both? More practise and consistency sticking to plastic for both no?

  12. It's all about margin of error. On house shots hooking at opposite spares can be easier. But on sport shots there is too much variability in different parts of the lane you don't want to mess with.

  13. If it was my game I would say no. I didn’t convert the spare. It’s subjective and not truly important. You’re doing great. Keep making your spares and clean games will become common.

  14. The frame has a mark in it, it's a clean game

  15. Yep, enemies can't hurt you if they are dead

  16. I THOUGHT you said Yep, enemies can't hurt you if you are dead and i thought you were making fun of my decision

  17. She briefly dated Waldo, but they never saw each other.

  18. Do what you must for I have already won

  19. Is it a drive through wash or has bays?

  20. I trade my HNT monthly for BTC

  21. Pure hot water. Really hot. Like hot enough that if you got in the bath your skin would come off.

  22. I hope not as somebody who makes them for a living

  23. Miners sell BTC to cover costs/profit

  24. RL gods mad you all still tied in a 2v1

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