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  1. I use the corrective lens inserts from Lensology, and I can see the entire image clearly without cutoff or blur.

  2. I've sadly tried all combination of nosepiece and angles. The best I've been able to manage was medium nose + forward tilt angle. And even then as I look at my screen, the upper-right is in focus, the upper-left is ghosting, and the entire bottom third is fuzzy. :/

  3. Not an issue here. I find that I have to wear the glasses about 2-3mm farther away from my face to get the right angle to see everything but it's all in focus for me with my prescription lenses from HONS VR. My prescription is about -4/-5.

  4. That's interesting, because if I pull them further away, the edges are even less in focus and I get a weird double-image/ghosting around the borders. I pretty much have to press them in so close that my brow is pressed against the lenses to get any kind of sharpness. Indeed, when I raise my eyebrows to improve the focus on the upper third, it's because my facial muscles are pulling the glasses in even closer.

  5. I like climbing (smaller) mountains as much as the next guy, but at this point Everest is just starting to look like a honey pot for idiots.

  6. Oh wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Yeah. I used to use them all the time back in the early aughts, before NewEgg came along. 🪦 RIP Tiger Direct

  8. Brain drain is real, yo. The intelligent, capable people are already working for companies or, more likely, long since emigrated away.

  9. Easiest way is to modify the memory to believe the hideout was recently destroyed and a new location was picked, though that wouldn't actually make them FORGET where the hideout USED to be (and in reality, still is)

  10. Could have someone specifically say in the modified memory that anyone who uses the old password should be killed/led into a lethal trap/poisoned/etc because it's known by traitors who weren't in on the plan to make the new password.

  11. Ah that's true. And a common safeguard against old passphrases. Good looking out!

  12. If the Philippines were Christian, then the Constitution would have said so. It doesn't.

  13. We may not have it in our Constitution that we are a Christian nation, but we're 90% Christian, have no appreciable separation of Church and State, and our politics are constantly being meddled in by the Church and its officials.

  14. Jesus. As far as I'm concerned that's like saying "I'm a hobbyist neurosurgeon."

  15. fuzzy here, but I'm guessing you're using a different keyboard ln the phone, vs in dex.

  16. Sorry, I'm a little confused. DeX forces a different keyboard layout on my external bluetooth keyboard?

  17. I don't remember changing it, but I'll poke around. Maybe I did and forgot. Thanks for the info!

  18. Not as crappy as the word "crappy," though. That's like the "moist" of lame swears.

  19. At a previous job i was at the registers with multiple other employees and said something that they didn't hear. So i laughed out off and said "i get no respect, no respect at all" in my best dangerfield accent and someone came up to me and said "why do you feel you aren't respected in the workplace they should be treating you better"...we had to inform her who rodney dangerfield was.

  20. Fuckin' love that Pelican case enclosure. Absolutely genius execution.

  21. Damn. So much hate in here from folks who have no idea what OP's sitch is like.

  22. generally the apps, but anything should be able to full screen

  23. That's what I would've thought. I can maximize but that's it.

  24. Spending Christmas with my dad. My dad died in 2013. What I wouldn’t give to spend an eternal amount of Christmases with my dad.

  25. Oh man. I'm so sorry. Even if it's been a decade, I can imagine the pain never truly fades. My own pops has been going through some medical stuff lately, so I definitely feel this reply.

  26. I got a tattoo in honor of him on the 10 year anniversary of his death, and it really helped. It’s on my arm. The pain really doesn’t fade, but this tattoo has been amazing for my mental health. I use to get sad fairly regularly, but I don’t anymore. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like the intangible is tangible again. Best decision of my life. I still miss him, sure, but I feel love when I look at it.

  27. I get that. It's his presence, in a way. Just being there is enough to be comforting. I'll almost certainly be doing the same, one day. A friend got one when his dad passed, with the artist mixing some of the ashes into the ink. I thought that was sweet.

  28. You're being down voted because you're making assertions that are demonstrably incorrect.

  29. Ok, I think I see what you're getting at.

  30. You basically are doing the same check whether it's using the tool or using the skill, if you think about what is happening.

  31. Page 154 of the PHB, which might be what you linked, but it's paywalled so I looked in my physical PHB:

  32. Just the built in, but if you play external I would just increase the amount of FSR2 for any resolution higher than 1280x800

  33. Sure thing, here's something I forgot: When installing the game there's an optional ultra high quality texture pack that is checked for install by default, I would make sure you uncheck that or retroactively go back and uninstall that feature. It'll save you about 40 GB of storage space and resolve any potential VRAM issues.

  34. Sweet! Good to know. And yeah, no sense loading something I'll never be able to use. 😁

  35. Yeah but mostly minor niggles, like why I can no longer double-tap to select words, or how to make DeX stop launching the emoji palette on my phone instead of the external display. Little newbie convert questions like those. I just moved over after seven years of Pixels and I'm still getting acquainted.

  36. For me, I have been working daily about 10 hours a day on my novel for about 2-3 months and I haven’t even started writing. I’d say personally, spending alooot of time world building before even starting to write will go a long way in keeping you invested as it is exciting yo see how your characters discover the world you spent so much time exploring!

  37. Great advice. And it'd proven; some of the most riveting series were based off of D&D campaigns (eg ASoIaF), which are basically just years of worldbuilding and storybuilding. :D

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