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  1. If we're shutting this subreddit down, does that mean we'll lose all the posts that we made? Will this subreddit lose all its followers?

  2. Most subs are going private for the boycott, temporarily, no posts or comments will be deleted. Just unapproved users & public users will not see posts (cause they’re private!). :P

  3. Well, I hope you didn’t buy it or you only have yourself to blame for this one.

  4. Who is this? Am not trying to be rude, I genuinely don’t remember. 💀

  5. I’ve seen this is movies and series a lot, so I thought it was a common project in the US, to teach responsibility and whatnot. But usually I see fake babies or eggs (that one episode of everybody hates Chris😂)

  6. It is common to teach Sex Ed but it’s not common to make the students practice it lol. Omg I used to love Everybody Hates Chris. 😂

  7. Off topic but, ANOTHER live action film of a animated movie? 🥴 you’ve got to be kidding me, Disney I am TIRED please

  8. Well we still got Wish, Zootopia 2, Elementals, and Inside Out 2 coming out (2023-2024 I think) + the Russo Bros are producing this remake so I think it will be fine at the very least.

  9. Guess who owns Pixar, but regardless it’s still under the Disney umbrella. :)

  10. Is that Apollo & P? Unrelated but my vision recently got worse so I’m having some trouble seeing who tf it is.

  11. afaik, it’s a nymph with a weird color choice and the ears cropped out of the image

  12. This topic has been posted a lot on here recently lol. Always, TLDR:

  13. Why does the second pic look so goofy? Hades looks like a nerd! 🤓

  14. Are you saying people who read books/comics and find problems or dissatisfaction in the content should just not complain or…? People are bringing up valid criticisms about RS and her comic, there is also the main LO sub if you only want positivity.

  15. Funny? Sure. Facepalm material? Eh, not really. All they did was change their pfp for a new game coming out.

  16. Grre 4 days until the poll on whether or not I make a post comparing Hades to Konrad Curze is done and THIS picture is SO UNBELIEVABLE NIGHT LORD/KONRAD CURZE that I'll probably have to use it in the post of I make it!

  17. Feel free to use it! If you use the sub search bar, you can probably find similar posts. ^ ^

  18. I made this shortly after it came out… it definitely looks menacing af lol

  19. I can’t imagine warriors having terrorism, outrage, and gambling lol.

  20. Liked it at first, then got bored n tired of it. Do wish for more villain MCs still.

  21. I wonder where Zee thought milk came from though, like did he think it came from an almond?

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