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  1. I’m not trying to be the moral police here, but do you at least see why he assaulted you and why you might have deserved it?

  2. It sounds like you need some help man. I’m not saying the guy was right for assaulting you especially if it came close to murder, but what you did was definitely not ok. If I found out someone was doing the same thing to my wife or any female I care about, I would be furious as most I assume would. I don’t necessarily condone the guys actions, but I definitely can’t say I sympathize with you. It sounds like you have a sex addiction of some sort and I hope you find a healthier way of dealing with it.

  3. I would have instantly reversed into all of them. Fucking dip shits, the moment you start kicking and jumping on someone’s car can easily be perceived as a threat. Perfectly legal too, gotta teach people like this about natural selection.

  4. I’m done with you. Wait to see how the community here responds to all this.

  5. I can’t believe you read everything I just said and went “nobody forced him do to anything”. It’s like you didn’t read a single thing I said. This is a waste of my time

  6. You called a team wanting to pay 1.8 million dollars to a career backup who hasn’t done anything significant robbery. Lol he’s not going to get that or much more anywhere else, he’s dumb for just not taking the pay cut imo. Knowing what your worth goes two ways. We did not wrong him, he’s not a stud and doesn’t offer the team anything we don’t already have or can’t find somewhere else. He had a choice to stay which he probably should have done, because I HIGHLY doubt teams are jumping at the chance to sign Mr Arthur Maulet to more than a 2 million dollar contract

  7. Dude that was an exaggerated comparison to show how there are certain circumstances you effectively have no choice. You thought I was saying the Steelers were robbing his life savings!?!? And threatening to kill him if he didn’t do it!?!?😭😭😭 dude it’s like I’m arguing with a grade schooler. Waste of my goddamn time

  8. Tap the three vertical dots on the bottom of the heading, and you can copy the title/link. I use the Joey app for Reddit on mobile. The official Reddit app sucks.

  9. My guy, just paste the link in the body text and give the post an appropriate title 😂

  10. girl they was banging. just cause you DIE don’t mean you INNOCENT. if you consider, label, and recognize yourself as somebody OPP don’t be mad when they fye yo ass up. everybody he killed was on sum fuck shit? this the life they choose.

  11. He literally got arrested for killing an innocent bystander while trying to kill his opps. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  12. But you saying it like it was on purpose like he was hunting innocent people

  13. Whether you kill someone purposefully or not you still killed someone and this dude killed some innocent dude while trying to kill someone else. Just a straight up danger to society and you’re 1000% just making up excuses for him if you think otherwise

  14. Says the guy with Adam Conover for an avatar. You disgust me you scum. Fuck you, white people and fuck Adam Conover. Adam Conover is basically hitler, he knows everything apparently except how much he sucks. Your avatar will give me nightmares and your comment has hurt me dearly. I love you and will pray for you in jesus name. I also hate you and can’t believe you done this

  15. Some of them are ok lol. But man those Argonians are shady. Especially the one in Solitude.

  16. Do you get to the cloud district very often? Whatever race that guy is, fuck that guy

  17. I am of the opinion that I’m going to keep an open mind this season.

  18. Man love this move. We now have a veteran backup and a rookie with potential. 1 year deal so cap is no issue.

  19. It’s alright, we know you’re just jealous. I bet you couldn’t even fathom your home team’s worst season being 8-8 for the last 20 years including a franchise QB transition.

  20. you’re asking a complicated question like that on reddit? just look up an article or youtube video

  21. Lol what’s wrong with starting a discussion about a complicated topic. Isn’t that like half of what Reddit is useful for?

  22. It's because there's a difference between being a canvas and a person.

  23. It’s the same thing for the artist, my name is on the art I give you. When you get asked where you got it from you’re going to say you got it from me and even if you don’t I don’t want to do art I’m personally not proud of. So you aren’t the only person who does matter in the situation, at the end of the day if you and the artist can’t see eye to eye then just find another artist. You can’t blame the artist for not creating something he doesn’t consider art

  24. Attacking an unarmed person with a knife, would not be self defence even if he stepped to him agressively.. also without this video there wouldn't be any footage of him being approached in the first place.

  25. The only necessity for self defense with lethal force being legally viable is “fear for your own life or somebody else’s life.” Plenty of people have been killed by unarmed individuals, if somebody aggressively approaches you and there is enough reason to believe a fight will happen, you can use whatever means necessary to remove that threat. As long as said person is attacking you and not retreating you can use whatever means to stop them. One punch can kill anybody, so as long as the fear that it will happen stands then you can defend yourself however you see fit.

  26. Damn American laws are crazy. No wonder y'all got so many murders happening.

  27. Losing to crocs is still arguably more embarrassing. Think about it, at least shitting is a natural bodily function, wearing crocs is not.

  28. If the crime was violent and very cruel and it's a life sentence; like the guy who shot the people at the church, school kids, black people at the grocery store in Ohio, ect.

  29. What about prison fights and such where all parties involved are forced into solitary including those who were attacked and didn’t initiate conflict? It’s kind of like school rules where if two kids fight, both are suspended since the school can’t verify who started what. I know this is deep, but I’m genuinely curious on your thoughts. Solitary is quite literally mental torture and can break even the most mentally tough inmates depending on how long they become isolated.

  30. That's temporary. I was talking permanent like super-max prisons.

  31. I know, I mean what is your take on temporary which can last weeks, months, or potentially even years depending on the prison and reason in question? It doesn’t take much more than a couple weeks for mental breakage to set in with total isolation.

  32. He’s very well known, I mean he cofounded The Roots. More like less listened to than he should be.

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