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  1. Honest answer here, same box year after year,same package year after year, ED issues,porn,younger more fit females, same bedroom routine all contribute to low sex drive. Maybe you're not as attractive as you once were,stretch marks,weight gain, etc. You can put new paint and dress an old car up but it'sstill the same ole car.. He might need a new model and if that's the honest answer then move on to your own newer model, it doesn't get any better.

  2. Smh well if he could let me.know that I could move on. Anyway the woman he is talking to on the phone is 12 yrs older than him and 17 years older than me smh

  3. I have access to all emails and whatnot regarding business. But not Facebook. And I have the pin to his phone but I can't just grab it freely anytime I want. He gets upset if he thinks I'm looking too much into his phone or anything. Me on the other hand he has access to all my stuff but he never asks to see anything, EVER. even when I offer it

  4. It is a tricky subject. See we don't outright just ask for each other's passwords in regard to Facebook. His Facebook is on his phone and mind on my phone. But we never really had to ask for passwords. But he has also never told me no u can't have my password. He would be more likely to tell me he doesn't remember the password which he likely doesn't because he doesn't remember any password. He even shows me his phone with videos and what not and then a message will popup from someone specifically the coworker but he doesnt really rush to clear it off the phone.

  5. He strangled me in 2019 and went to jail. He never put his hands on me again but his threats got more and more messed up.

  6. Wow.. over a sandwich. If ANYONE came into my home hungry, I wouldn't have an issue if they made a sandwich... much less a blood relative. You clearly know why he acts the way he does, he doesn't feel accepted or loved anywhere. Not sure why you thinks he works somewhere to make your hubs look bad or whatever you were trying to say... but getting a ride to the exact same location doesn't seem like a big deal or anil inconvenience whatsoever. Maybe include him in some family activities, game night, go bowling, a cookout.. get to know him on a friendlier level. People that have been abused take a lot longer to trust others and feel comfortable.. put in the time for your nephew.

  7. Everything u said the family has always tried. He never comes when he is invited by his dad. We even gave him a graduation party when his mom's family did nothing at all for him.

  8. Why does the dad need to be the one to invite him to things. You are family, you guys can invite him. And they don't have to be family things, spend time one on one to get to know him and build a relationship. Games, lunch, shows, etc. He's clearly stand offish, feels different, etc.

  9. Everyone has invited him to stuff. Instead of coming he just asks who all was there later. People have reached out to him. He only wants to deal with you if he needs something. We have reached out to him for years and he does the same thing over and over. He only comes around when he needs something or you are giving him something

  10. ZIGGY DIED THIS MORNING 12/17. I TOOK HIM TO ANOTHER VET AGAIN yesterday and turns OUT HE DID HAVE A BAD HEART IN ADDITION TO KIDNEY FAILURE. HE must have had the heart issue for a long time. So the heart issue made his kidneys fail I'm assuming?

  11. I would arch or tame those brows. And your face looks a bit dry or ashy. Other that that ur good!

  12. Do they give the rally towels at every game?? I'm going to Washington commanders games

  13. Just an added tidbit not that you asked but wanted to throw it in there. Just got back from the cinci game. Do yourself a favor, if you want gear, go to the Walmart across from the stadium. I read it a bunch of times on here and other cowboys sites and was skeptical but it’s truly magical for cowboys gear. Also if you get there the day before make sure to head right across the street to the pro shop. Do your merch shopping before the game because during all the shops are packed. Hope you get to see em stomp the ders!

  14. Cool I ordered a few shirts beforehand from the NFL website. But my dad was a die hard fan so he has a cowboys football and a cowboys tumbler. 😆

  15. At this point, I think it’s clear that you aren’t understanding what our rules are. I’m going to suggest that you take a step back and observe our threads for a while before commenting again. As mods, we are trying to educate you on the way our sub works, and that includes not wishing for a positive pregnancy test alone. If you want to ask for whether folks have experienced the same thing as you, you need to post that in the daily treatment thread. Otherwise, I’m going to suggest that you just observe our sub for a bit until you get a better understanding.

  16. Im just sad today. I was sad yesterday after seeing our friends with their two young children on Thursday. I am so proud of myself for not dying because of seeing them and not avoiding like I’ve been for the past few years. The visit gave me perspective: parenting looks hard as hell and their life definitely doesn’t look perfect like I like to torture myself into believing. But it’s interesting that the sadness still comes. I am trying to accept that sadness can come and it doesn’t need to break me.

  17. OMG I AGREE. IM BOUT TO NOT WATCH NO MORE WHEN HE DO UPLOAD. IM not gone watch for like a year then I will come back to maybe 40 or so new videos

  18. Some of the repetitive jokes in mm aren’t funny. Like after a threep when he tries to explain it, its kinda awkward. I still love most of the jokes he makes and understand he cant curse like before but sometimes it looks like he’s forcing it. Love him with all my heart tho

  19. I hate those! I hate when explain after the threeps I usually skip that part. But I miss the old threeps where he just said some random stuff

  20. I like those threes Soooooooooooo much better when he would say "your sh** is now f*****! Lol

  21. Go into the local food stamp office with your SSN or better yet call the PEBT hotline and get your EDG number so they can look it up and possibly get you a card,

  22. Anytime ur income goes up and ur bills are the same, you Will Definitely See a decrease if the case is worked correctly. I work at the food stamp office

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