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  1. As a former Domino's delivery driver, I am basically Italian and approve this combination. 👌

  2. Must be one of those Genitally Modified Organisms I keep hearing about.

  3. No idea sorry. If it does open up, could you pop into reception and book Jimmy Savile for an extra session on the dicksander? Thanks!

  4. The three wise men did bring unto Jesus gifts of gold, myrrh, and Frankinception.

  5. Maybe he is kindly removing the umbrella that has somehow got stuck in her hair.

  6. Team marmalade here! Tastes amazing on rice pud!

  7. Ooh never thought to try it with marmalade! That'll be tomorrow's responsibility :D

  8. Braw. Enjoy. I like the skin with jam.

  9. Shiiiit what happened? Wishing her a quick and minimally painful recovery!

  10. Freak accident while making shrimp alfredo. She had the water too high in the pasta and when she went to dump the water, it spilled on her hands. She went into shock and 911 was called and firefighters helped her walk to her car where she was driver to the ER. Currently she has compression gloves on, it’s been a week.

  11. The 0:15 chuckle that wholesomely represents "ah fuck" (the fuckle?) cheered me up no end. May you hone the knack to make mac that ain't whack, but a snack you'll come back for to pack in the back of your mouth just like crack <3

  12. I had a spaghetti dog once. I took him to the vet and some worming tablets cleared it up.

  13. Nice! Biologically accurate too. I remember reading that pines shrink in cold weather...or something like that anyway.

  14. I don't think I'm ready for cats to serve us! Maybe we could start with equal rights and go from there?

  15. If it's one thing I've learned, the whisky discovery journey is unique to you, which makes it so interesting. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Try and sample from the different regions (Islay, Speyside, Highland, Campbeltown etc.) then you'll start to figure out what you do and don't like (big things like peatiness, sweetness, spiciness, fruitiness).

  16. America will eventually realise the folly of rejecting baked beans at breakfast.

  17. To be fair most robots are capable of deadly force. Drone propellor slices an artery, Roomba trips you up at the top of the stairs, Alexa recommends bleach for constipation...

  18. The top-left one looks a bit like a reindeer with no legs. Truly the spirit of Christmas <3

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