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  1. My thoughts exactly like I prepared 23 years of my life for THIS? All that schooling just doesn’t seem to pay off like it should. People with degrees are struggling like the people without them. The monotonous of doing the same thing every damn day it’s mind blowing how anyone thinks this is okay. And you think the government would do a better job with making things easier on the working class but..

  2. That’s all the failed runs in the background duh

  3. You have so many holdings which comes off as very similar to how ETFs structure their portfolios. They often hold 50+ individual positions in the ETF.

  4. Agreed go JEPI or JEPQ for income. I mentioned QYLD once and got down voted into oblivion lol.

  5. There’s just a very high risk of principal investment erosion with QYLD. And the fund has a long history of decaying performance spanning multiple market conditions. JEPI hasn’t been listed for as long but it at least does show a history of beating the market during poorer market conditions. That’s my reasoning. It’s a very heated topic of debate on this sub, that’s for sure.

  6. DeSantis refuses to fire back at trump or even announce he’s running. So yeah, he’s gonna lose polling points as long as he keeps this up

  7. Mods, this should have a render/cgi flair. Some people will find that obvious, some won't.

  8. I just made the new flair and applied it. Feel free to use it if you need it again

  9. Seriously, what's with the Youtube hate? I get it if somebody makes a crappy video or doesn't know what they're talking about. Sometimes I find a useful video and when I post it there's often somebody who hates on it even though they didn't watch it.

  10. I’ve found that this sub hates every YouTube dividend investor out there. People seem convinced that they are all running pump and dumps or other scams. It’s goofy

  11. They don't care about anything other than driving clicks, getting people to follow their garbage all in hopes to monetize it and get paid. Sorry bub. I'm not contributing to it.

  12. YouTube doesn’t really pay content creators that much anymore. That’s why many beg for patreon subscribers. In any event, many of the picks they recommend are similar or almost exactly the same as what this sub likes.

  13. They have really been preaching "dividends are irrelevant" theory, well atleast before the 21' crash.

  14. Well I guess you could just value invest but if there’s a down or sideways market for a while you’ll want some kind of income coming in. So what do they do? Just value invest or save in HYSA/Bonds/CDs?

  15. Yeah that’s cool. All of those strategies have a time and a place, and an portfolio percentage allocation, but I think the returns from dividends can’t be ignored. We’ll see who is right in 30 years I guess. Lol

  16. Yeah, keep it up. I can get to my retirement goals at 1,500/mo (plus 401k + wife) .

  17. The Housing market has been a big disappointment for me. I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford some of these crazy prices that are on properties nowadays

  18. Yeah, all about finding a balance of what you can do IMO. For wife and I, we want to have a house this time next spring to move in for summer

  19. “you’re not getting executed by the state so you’re not allowed to complain about any other discrimination you may face”

  20. Lol, what a raw deal. A guy making that much can travel the world and find hundreds of hot exotic women to sit on his face.

  21. Yeah I wouldn’t hold nly or agnc but there’s a solid case to be made for jepi

  22. Would it be smart to keep them in to help you use extra money to buy better stocks? As long as the dividend is paid you should have extra income for buy better stocks no?

  23. Yeah sure that’s a legitimate strategy. I think a lot of people here utilize methods like that to buy more preferred shares with their income-focused picks

  24. Focus on getting a career that will let you make bigger contributions to a dividend portfolio

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