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  1. I don’t know. It’s just a gut feeling; I get a pretentious rich kid vibe from her. I don’t know what she’s really like in real life. Maybe she is passionate, kind person. It’s just really a feeling that I needed to get out.

  2. Thanks for clearing this up I’m sorry I’m just I don’t know I don’t know why I need to get all this emotional baggage shit out the strangers but thanks for listening man I just need a therapist or something

  3. Oh no, don't worry. Everything is fine.

  4. You can watch the episode one hour after the premier in the Disney Channel Youtube.

  5. Didn't expect him to be in the Knee.

  6. They’re all named hunter if you’re trying to be serious. But if you’re doing it as a joke or trying to come up with distinguishing names, then these names work.

  7. Yeah which I can see why, some of them felt miserably.

  8. Me when I used to be more playful.

  9. Some people say that Hunter will keep it.

  10. Fair enough, makes me think if his powers have any limits other than the titan’s powers

  11. He feels too op however there's the implication that The Collector can be countered with Titan's Magic (Glyphs and King's Powers).

  12. I feel old looking back at this meme and my comment from that thread.

  13. I mean... the kids can do all kinds of magic because they are not sealed.

  14. Gus and Willow show people who do benefit from the Coven System, and even they turn away from it once they scratch beneath the surface.

  15. I love Luz but lamentably she has a tendency in making problems to people around her.

  16. I think this has to be something between The Collector and Luz conversation.

  17. I actually really liked that she avoided the temptation and respected her girlfriends privacy. It's a great thing to teach kids.

  18. I think the knee is a very chill place to live, specially that small town from Titan Where arth you which it was very comfy.

  19. It's silly, but this fear of being all dream is just a very bad outcome as an ending.

  20. I think all of them are good in their own way. My favorite is Lilith.

  21. Luz will talk with that guy from the In-Between.

  22. my top three: Darius: there was probably a plan to give him a episode explaining his relationship with the previous Golden guard and also build more of a bond with Hunter, I wish we got to see it if that’s the case.

  23. just so you know, OP is the artist and you just found its instagram account.

  24. Apple Blood and Amity's fairy pie.

  25. Ah yes, jumping into the air, covering with vines and uncovering while showing New hairstyle and Eda's jacket is "a fight" and not "an entrance", which you know, is a Perfect timing according to your logic

  26. Well, in that case she reacted to her good entrace but it could interpreted like that too.

  27. Doesn't mean she's not capable of doing it or she Has never done that

  28. Oh you are right, it's just... it's not her style.

  29. Didn't see it as important since it felt like just drama for the sake of drama.

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