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  1. I’m not sure if this merits its own thread but has anyone else ever been in a small fandom that seemed like it was getting too big? I had to leave a sub for one of my fandoms because someone was following me around to non-fandom, non-related subs to disagree with my opinions. All because they complained I post “too much” about a character and complain about her but I do strongly dislike her and this was a thread about that character. So that apparently gave this person an excuse to follow me around Reddit.

  2. I wanted to tell characters’ stories in a different way than the show did, whether that be through missing scenes, or expanding a background story, or fixing things that I believed to be broken.

  3. Any time someone has anxiety they are absolved of all responsibility for ridiculous behavior.

  4. I was just discussing this with someone the other day. Mental health issues don’t make you a bad person but they also don’t mean you get to treat people however you want and never accept responsibility.

  5. Unilateral decision making instead of being a team. In canon, the male half of my NOTP planned a wedding behind the female half’s back and was saying why can’t you just do this one thing for me? and using their son as a “secret weapon.” She eventually agreed to go through with the wedding. Then after she had just gotten a great job about a year later, he suggested they go away somewhere where no one knew them (they had been having marital issues) and she immediately told him she loved him and ditched the job and ran off without a second thought or any discussion with him even offscreen.

  6. One of my pet peeves is when people treat their headcanons like fact, even if they’re talking about a closed canon. (Like one of my fandoms is…it’s been made clear the show is not coming back.) Your interpretation of what happened after canon ended is just that: an interpretation. We’ll never see it to have you proven right or wrong. If someone else interprets that post-canon went differently then just respect that. (And also be happy that apparently your biggest problem in life is that you get mad when people don’t see your ship the way you do.)

  7. I think it’s gotten too comfortable for people to be at home all the time, even if you take COVID out of the equation. I was just talking about this on another forum. Even back when I was in high school in the early 2000s, you could go on the Internet and use message boards or whatever you liked, but when you left the house you couldn’t put the websites in your purse or pocket. People still had to somewhat disconnect. You couldn’t watch hundreds of TV shows at your fingertips or your favorites over and over unless you kept them on your DVR forever (not always practical) or got the DVDs. There was no DoorDash, Instacart, Uber Eats and a lot of other delivery services.

  8. We’re not designed for receiving hate from people we don’t know. You can make the most innocuous comment and have droves of people calling you all kinds of rude names and damning you. No getting to know you to make an informed decision on whether or not you can can be someone they can form a friendship with.

  9. I literally just left a sub (not even a political one or any other type of sensitive issue) because I posted against the sub groupthink. Which is so strong that someone followed me around other subs to bother me and disagree with what I was posting. I had to block the person and leave the sub. Imagine thinking it’s OK to follow someone around the Internet because their opinion on something innocent hurt your feelings.

  10. I’ve never met bigger crybabies than teachers. Always: complaining about pay, whining about irrelevant nonsense like this, injecting their politics into everything, etc.

  11. A lot of them decided to transition into the same career field I was going for. The amount of them that spend time on LinkedIn using their real name and photo to complain about companies not hiring them shows just how entitled they are, that is when they’re not whining about their “emotional labor” and talking about all the reasons why they quit.

  12. Yeah I agree. Now with those dumb twins it's just insufferable a lot of the time. They have other good characters but man the high school level drama with the twins pulls the show down.

  13. Do these people even hire in the real world where employers can pick from plenty of experienced candidates? Or do they hire 16-year-olds at restaurants and retail where they’ll take anyone off the street?

  14. I love young awkward Colby Armstrong. Especially his appearances in the WBS documentary Chasing the Dream.

  15. That event he had to dress up in a skirt was priceless.

  16. I watch with subtitles and Melina always says cause of death is exsanguination. Love her

  17. Carrie Underwood. Not for personal reasons but I always just saw her as another pretty blonde country singer who wasn’t that extraordinary, even when she was on American Idol. Some of her songs are enjoyable but she’s just perfectly ordinary to me…but I guess I’m missing something because she does have a lot of Grammys and CMAs. Might have been the media making a big deal out of a fall she had a few years ago.

  18. I think that some of the most popular shows, become formula after the first season:

  19. I lost interest in Orange is the New Black around S5 (I think) when the prison riots story dragged on wayyyy longer than it should have.

  20. You can quick binge shows and ffw through one characters scenes. You know the one. The one that drags down the show, or mood of the main or just instigates verbal conflict. And it makes the show better.

  21. I agree. I skip almost three whole seasons of a show when the main focus is a character I can’t stand. Makes watching the rest of the series better knowing I don’t have to put up with her as much.

  22. I got my first job on Upwork a couple months ago and the project manager decided to cancel. (At least it wasn’t because of anything I did but it still stings.) Ever since then I cannot get hired for anything since I never got to complete the project and get a rating. Most of the jobs I apply for end up being removed for being against the TOS or just expire on their own. I’m thinking of accepting this is a waste of time and just learning how to pitch on my own.

  23. That makes sense. It all comes about structure and management of systems, that's for sure. But I feel like as more places try to copy remote working, they will fail miserably at it and start playing the "Here's a laptop, let's get it done."

  24. I am just about to finish the first week of my new job. There have been a few times this week where I’ve pondered how much reading and new information this is but the fact that is, you deal with that every time you start a new job! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable or something. If it turns out you made a mistake in six months or a year just start searching again. (Just don’t take those freebies too much of course.)

  25. I may be wrong, but I think a lot of them are going to be surprised when they find the remote market isn't what they think. I had an interview yesterday where they said they are five days in the office because they really value the ability to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other in person. I'm looking to transition into a legal support role while finishing school and a lot of the postings I've seen are on site.

  26. I am remote in my new job, and I just read my company’s handbook on this policy. If you want to be remote, you need to have worked on-site full time for three months and then they do a trial of WFH for two months to see if it’s working. And yes they can revoke it if you’re not performing.

  27. yeah when Luca said that I nearly spat out my drink, but the man was spitting facts 🤣. Don’t worry tho, later seasons will make Abby even more detestable. I can’t wait till you get towards the end (season 14ish?) id def like to hear your thoughts

  28. Yeah it was definitely mean of Luka but I was like…it’s also painfully accurate.

  29. I don’t say this often about characters but I wish Abby had ended her arc single, or at least divorced from Luka. She never seemed like a good romantic partner. Over the years (since some people seem to think dislike of her only started on Reddit in the 21st century) I’ve seen a lot of people say some variation of “Abby cares about Abby” and it’s hard to disagree.

  30. Alexis and Liza were both on ER (although Alexis was only there for the series finale and Liza did three episodes) and Kathleen Wilhoite played probably one the most annoying relatives ever on there too. It was hard for me to believe that Paris was played by the same actress who was also the wife of a schizophrenic who ended up killing a medical student. The actress who plays Miss Patty I’ve seen in two episodes.

  31. Liza was there in Carol’s last season when the (in)famous stabbing episodes occurred. She was in the second episode of that storyline and then came back later in the season and again in S8.

  32. I don’t blame Elizabeth at all for being the way she was. Any of us would be driven insane with a new baby, a husband with a terminal illness, and a bratty destructive stepdaughter showing up in the picture. Not to mention Rachel’s carelessness nearly killed Ella.

  33. Honestly, I forgot that this was their beginning. If you saw this extremely violent side to someone on your first date and you’re like “yep, that’s fine”. Also even more confusing because she literally gets assaulted later on in her own home. Wouldn’t you think, oh that guy killed someone on our first date, imagine what he could do to me if I got him angry.

  34. I just rewatched the episode after her neighbor beat her up, and she knows/finds out Luka destroyed her court case by punching the guy who attacked her. And he threatened to kill him. He clearly didn’t have Abby’s best interests in mind at all, ever. Plus yeah, his temper is something scary.

  35. Elizabeth was one of my favourite characters. Her interactions with and reaction to Rachel's actions, especially when Ella ended up ingesting the drugs was very real and understandable. Yeah teenagers make mistakes and act like a-holes, and Rachel did kind of have a raw deal with being between her parents and stuff, but Rachel was given SO many chances. If I had a bonus kid and they brought drugs into my house multiple times and almost ended up killing my bio kid because of of it, I'd flip my lid too.

  36. Yeah I am very Team Elizabeth there. I don’t think she would have had a problem with Rachel if not for her awful behavior before the OD and the OD itself. She wasn’t exactly respectful, and I get it in a way given her age and I grew up with stepparents too. (However neither of my stepparents had children with my biological parents.) But Elizabeth was already going through a lot with adjusting to a new baby and having a husband with cancer and she had just gotten past her own problems at work. Then bratty Rachel was thrown into the mix. I really can’t blame her for her frustration.

  37. Carol. Abby and Sam are tied for two of the worst characters on the show for me, although I wasn’t really that bothered by Sam in the final season.

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