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  1. This whole thing 100 confirms they've used surrogates all along after Carmen...why after birthing 5 kids would you say lets use a surrogate for baby number 6!! when you are already 4 months pregnant. It makes no sense whatsoever. Especially during Covid. You would not do surrogacy for the first time during a pandemic. No way. And it coudnt have been done last minute when she found out she was having a boy, becasue you cant retrieve eggs etc when you are pregnant! This was all done way earlier with eggs in storage etc...

  2. He looks like hes strangling sorry that kid gives such menacing vibes...

  3. Which one will be the next thoughtless little pig?

  4. He frightens me ....I feel bad for the kids who have to be with him at school because he seems like a really angry aggressive kid...wonder why!???

  5. Absolutely. They scream at each other for sure. In the house. With all 7 kids within ear shot. It’s the narcissist way.

  6. I was driving by their house in Amagansett last summer and he was standing with her at the end of their driveway/street shouting at her!

  7. I think it was last year…or the year before. I was in a convertible and I was dying to pull out my phone but terrified he’d come after me

  8. I met a guy who did her hair for years on the view and said she’s horrible and abusive. She protects him cause they hang in the Hamptons…she’s humorless and a hack.

  9. Why take that poor infant on any trip to school, run for coffee or walk in park with a sea of media outside!!?!

  10. That baby legally needs to be in a car seat at all times WTF is she doing

  11. “Being a chocolate lover is a big part of my identity “ Wow. Just wow. And the whispery way she says she has to go wipe chocolate off her fingers at the end omg. Something is so wrong with her it’s at its absolute worst today. Fixation on ordering food, dating apps, etc.. as infuriating as she is it’s actually so disturbing that she keeps doing this never ending performance art project that sadly involves 7 innocent and exploited children under the age of 10..

  12. So there won’t be anymore babies not because she can’t but because chocolate?

  13. exactly...the fact that she's still contemplating having more! but chocolate might be the final deal breaker? Might!! ugh why cant this woman go away!!

  14. Maybe she’s spiking his bourbon with tranqs to make him amenable to her chirpy bullshit ideas

  15. Their idea of flirting is beyond lame and idiotic. The best part is how she doesn't even look at him, just her own reflection.

  16. BTW, just in case you wonder who her friends are, here's a little write up on Sonya: Takes a psycho to love a psycho.

  17. Wow. Tell me you have no female friends without telling me….honestly there’s plenty of time I’ve been jealous of other women that’s NATURAL. I still have plenty of friends and am supportive. You know what’s not natural? Lying about your background then saying anyone who calls you out on it is just JEALOUS.

  18. I know...why would anyone be jealous of this woman! Natural plain basic Jane who has keep going under the knife with no talent and married/sold to an old bully who is way past his prime and now 7 kids who have every reason to grow up to hate her. Thanks, I'll pass!

  19. The best part of this post is that even in reaching out to this "scholar" she had to have her husband/daddy do it for her. My God, she is so pathetic.

  20. I took his face sheltering as “OMG, I have this litter of kids with this crazy bitch, Hillary from Boston, and now I have to be a grandpa too?! I have nothing left to give.”

  21. He def is making a point by covering his face like omg how can this be happening. That’s not normal. And it’s not funny. My dad was over the moon when he became a grandpa . Sends a weird message to his kids and sucks for his already ignored first child who he has a tentative relationship with him at best. Why can’t he be happy for her and leave the rest of his second family out of it. Oh now that he’s a grandpa it’s all just too much?! Puleeze! This post is gross on so many levels, and these kids clearly never see Ireland and clearly don’t know what the hell Carmen is talking about. And then hilz has to be front and center at the end? As usual, totally performative and self aggrandizing BS.

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