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  1. It’s not okay embarrassing at all. Ppl who have it usually have been SA’d so it’s a way for them to gain back control so to speak but whether that’s your case or not it’s not one bit embarrassing. Ofc not everyone will understand or find it okay but it’s your kink and your life. 💗

  2. I made pudgems big and I ride him everywhere he’s my absolute favorite

  3. The best way to start a new habit is to make it as easy as possible.

  4. Thank you 😌❤️‍🩹 I used to look up African dance to help me work out and I always loved it I’ll try to start that again !

  5. Hey there! I believe it's important and sometimes cliche but true, that you gotta learn to love yourself first. As a 25 overweight woman here whose motivation was fear of others opinions and having gorgeous skinny women in my family tell me I'd be pretty of I lost weight, it's easy to lose sight on why you want to change. Whether it's for you, or for others. Are you wanting to go to the gym to improve your health? (Healthy doesn't equal skinny!) Or are you wanting to just learn to be active and try new things?

  6. Thank you so much 🙏🏾😭🌹 I really needed that support thank you beautiful

  7. The cooking is very time consuming I don’t hate it I just don’t think I’m very good at it I really hope there’s some new story features I’m missing

  8. Updating now ❤️ is it as good as I hope ?

  9. Not always being nice 😊 not everyone deserve your kindness and sometimes I feel myself feeling bad for expressing my feeling in a way that stressed someone out but I deserve to yell and scream sometimes too

  10. Collecting plushies. I don't care if people think it's childish, it's my interest and brings me joy.

  11. I feel this so deeply keep collecting and keep drawing

  12. Don’t feel bad you’re entitled to your feelings and they are valid so honestly I would say that even though his intentions were pure they sadly didn’t come off that way and that personally you think it kinda sucks that your account is deleted it kind of sounds like it may not have been a total accident if he ran to the defensive and only your account is deleted Please don’t delete my things without permission plain and simple Sorry about your channel tho 🥺 that would make me so frustrated

  13. THANK YOUUU OH MY GOD I WAS LIVID. And I first I thought she was JOKING you want me yo bless the eel that dosent give a fuck about me ? If you give that much of a damn you kill the eel ? And if it bothers you so much DONT WATCH lol she’s has her right to think that way and EJ has a right to get a revved up before he takes an animals life it dosent have to come from a place of peace and serenity hearing him have to apologize because he’s a good peace keep grinds my gears lol

  14. I don’t think I’m ugly but I don’t know if I’m like beautiful or anything lol

  15. XL2 had run ins with lions. They were sick of our shit. Oh and we were rushed by a leopard. But we couldn’t see it. We only heard it.

  16. Hearing it is enough to evacuate my bladder 🫣

  17. Does anyone remember the episode in XL I think where they said the lions killed two poachers like before they got there ?

  18. I’m on day 11 but my scabs don’t seem to be dissolving? They look the same as they did on day 7. I keep getting a sharp stabbing pain on the left hand side of my throat, hurts a lot after I’ve ate, it hurts my ear and teeth, it almost burns. Flares up a lot at night. Was wondering if anybody could help/give me some advice?

  19. Definitely let the doctor know that the pain and swelling has increased. Such on ice chips ! Keep yourself hydrated and your throat cool What kind of food have you been eating ? You got this !

  20. I’m on day 7 Keep drinking water ! Whenever you think it’s enough drink more i know it’s uncomfortable to swallow but you HAVE to stay hydrated 🌹

  21. I agree I was watching Toy Story 4 because Iv avoided it for YEARS and now I see why lol like I didn’t really find a lot of joy in it I thought forky was annoying and I wish he was never born lol and your kinda right They said it’s been 3 weeks since she played with woody that she’s been taking his sheriff badge and throwing him in the close and she literally BEGGED for him at the end of the third movie The entire movie drove me nuts the fact the all of a sudden buzz has NO thoughts in his head and only listens to his buttons ?? And after everything woody STILL LEFT!?! And I know duck and bunny (key and peele) were there for comedy relief buuuuuuut were they tho ? Lol I agree I felt more for gabby gabby and the girl who found her more than ANYONE THE WHOLE MOVIE I felt like it was written by a child 😩- excuse my late rant I’m incredibly late to the thread

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