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  1. V and viio are the Dominant chords in Minor - same functions as in the Parallel Major (v and bVII are not and don't have the same functions).

  2. So if there is no difference in minor key's harmonic functions, except that it has a minor tonic , y do they sound so diff?

  3. Hey there! There's 2 routes you can take. If funds aren't an issue, taking online lessons most likely will yield better results, since you have someone hearing you and showing you exactly what to do.

  4. Will probably stick with YouTube as funds might be an issue with me and thanks for the help will probably dm u if I need consultation, thank you

  5. I have lots of videos on my YouTube channel that can help and keep you very busy. I have been teaching voice for 29 years and give "quick fixes" as well as long term solutions. My videos cover the basics and more, taught in a way that is easy to understand. You can start with the following video and then move on from there: The Beginner's Voice Lesson - Let's Start!

  6. Will probably check them out , thanks!!

  7. I never was a problem for me, i got comfortable in 1-2 days, but i think it is different for different people, the only way to get comfortable is just stand up and play

  8. U cant get worse by playing much, u will always get better but as u said u were messing up. So in that case it is most prob u got tired or were trying to play a hard piece which. In hard pieces it is always better to take breaks

  9. I know that, saw Clapton use them once but I mean for me they are a new thing

  10. Locking tuners helps, a new graphite will help, and a new bridge, maybe something like a Callaham, will help.

  11. MIM is like 50k in the currency of my currency while the upgrade can go upto around 20k so gotta save a lot, the price difference is majorly cuz MIM is made in Mexico and thus in my country there is a lot of added expenses making it more expensive. So I might stick to upgrading it

  12. Problems staying in tune almost always come from two issues. First, the nut slots being incorrectly cut or lacking lubrication. Second, poor stringing technique. With standard trem equipped guitars, aggressive use or an incorrectly adjusted bridge can also cause tuning issues. I prefer to lock down the trem system using 5 springs or even block it with a hardwood block. Tuning issues in modern guitars are very rarely from the tuners. The Squier Bullet tuners aren't the greatest but will work just fine in most cases.

  13. Then is changing the nut worth it (the ones like in floyd rose) ?

  14. No it's not worth changing to a locking nut, and with out a bridge with microtuners adding a locking nut would create a whole lot more tuning problems.

  15. Post a picture because I’ve been playing for 15 years and have no clue what you’re talking about

  16. Added it to the post, check it out. They are kind like the pick ups on a tele but made of plastic instead of metal

  17. Ok on a Clapton strat those are lace sensor pickups. They’re not for protecting the pickups it’s just that lace pickups don’t have pole pieces

  18. "12 tone" is one I really like

  19. Be aware that the chromatic stuff is a very easy/modern/jazzy/lazy kinda way of seeing it.

  20. Ur comment really helps cuz it always gets a littler overwhelming for a beginner like me when I get told multiple theories for a specific things (they help not gonna lie but still a lot to absorb), so thanks!!

  21. That is true, i keep on learning new theory elements as i go on.

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