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  1. Well you saw it get cute live on this stream. You know the rest.

  2. Harmful content definitely watching the man drink himself to death.

  3. Talent. Screaming impresses me far more than clean vocals sometimes especially when you have vocalists like Sam Carter.

  4. Definitely unparalleled freak out. A classic.

  5. I can’t take Matt smith seriously in this show because all I see is doctor who and the shitty vampire from Morbius

  6. I’m the opposite. 11 is my favorite doctor (maybe tied with Capaldi) and I’m loooving Matt Smith as Daemon. Every time he’s on screen he’s so fun to watch. Just a man that exudes utter chaos.

  7. Delusional justification’s for his alcoholism coming in nicely toobz

  8. Always love when they have a model in a generic shirt, they probably wouldn't be caught dead in his atrocities he calls outfits.

  9. The model standing there with a blank shirt is always my favorite part of Josh merch posts lol

  10. THAT place at THAT time with THAT man. Honestly really tired of that storytelling style lol.

  11. It's signed under a femenine Japanese name

  12. So it can’t be a grown woman that is into One Piece? Kinda sus you just assume it’s a child.

  13. A video for a dollar, lol totally more effort than it’s worth. Also since when are successful people broke?

  14. Cash app/PayPal shout out saga is definitely one of the worst. If paypigs are gonna donate they can at least try to piss him off like the one that said praise Jesus and he got mad about it or making troll names.

  15. Rat face. He looks like that guy. And my brother also.

  16. It’s amazing. Most people would ride the high of a concert for a few days but he glossed over it and is straight back into talking about the trolls and sickos.

  17. I feel like the number 1 lolcow trait is taking a “break” from YouTube/the internet only to come back barely 24 hours later lol.

  18. Copium but imagine if the singles from Architects were nothing like the album and the album is actually really good

  19. Well I can’t imagine a blegh placed in anything they’ve released recently except for Discourse Is Dead so maybe we will be blessed.

  20. Honestly the whole time I thought the black shit was like old food or tobacco or something but since he just brushed them that’s for sure literal teeth rot holy shit

  21. The silent panels as Asa comes to the realization lol. CSM is for sure the funniest manga I've ever read, funnier than some comedy only mangas.

  22. There’s a payment plan option for a $10 fine??

  23. It took him a couple of days to come up with 5 dollars. He's good for 1 dollar a month on that payment plan. Jokes aside though, Warlord is clearly homeless like all the time so I'm guessing they just offer payment plans on everything and he takes it.

  24. K so I’ll never be able to listen to Whispers Of Your Death even more now. That song made me think of all the animals I’ve lost plus my senior kitty who is pushing 20 and I couldn’t do it. And now this…

  25. Are both those pics Angie or is one Walt? They both look like corpses if it's both.

  26. Mitch has always been an idiot. Like, he's just a dumb person. I always think of the classic Ice stream which involved Ice, Soda and Mitch and Mitch was just skateboarding INSIDE the Capitol building and got them all banned from the Capitol Building for it.

  27. Yeah my first thought was someone pretending to be Josh (aka an ACTUAL troll) sending his already online dick pics to their Facebook and they’re too old to notice it’s not actually him lol.

  28. Honestly I think we get it. Oda sucks at drawing different female faces. It’s nothing new. One Piece is known to have vastly unique character designs but most of the women (that aren’t Big Mom) suffer from same face syndrome. Is it what it is, at this point I don't think it's going to be different lol.

  29. Don't donate to him. I don't care how little it is. If you post here that you donated, don't be mad when you get made fun of.

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