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  1. Because money and ratings. Goldberg with a limited one year AEW run where he doesn't go anywhere near the title and eventually puts over someone like Hobbs could be great. Not sure if he's down for that, but then again for $5 million or so he probably would be.

  2. The ratings increase, extra PPV buys, and merch sales will pay for that contract, so yeah.

  3. For Goldberg? Who actually wants to see that? Was he a ratings draw in the WWE recently?? (Legit asking)

  4. Sometimes FTR are indie guys, sometimes punk is ROH guy but in this particular angle/discussion they are suddenly WWE guys, hmmm.

  5. When was FTR not WWE? I'm seriously asking, I thought they were formed in NXT

  6. Man, I wish WWE would actually make a real women's tag division instead of always throwing together these random-ass teams like we're supposed to care.

  7. Ronda and Shayna make sense but the others don't look like teams at all, its pointless. I want to see cohesive units that make sense

  8. Natalya goes through partners as much as Big Show goes through heel and face turns

  9. To be fair, Natalya goes through heel and face turns like him too

  10. The devs were talking up a storm about the customisation options but they’re really lacking and don’t really feel like you can make a character your own.

  11. I'm with you, I'm wanting to play a solo necro, like a death knight essentially, but my guy is grossly thin. I'll still play it, but just a few body sliders (think necro/rogue/barb/druid) would be pretty cool

  12. Won’t lie the amount of legendaries that dropped was stunning. Really want them to be hard to get.

  13. I cant find it right now, but I believe they said they had them tuned up for beta, which would make sense.

  14. lmao. If someone yells "come say it to my face," you do not actually have to go say it to their face.

  15. Yeah you do. I feel like leaving it as is would've sent a message to everyone that Punk can do and say what he wants. I dont know if they went in hostile or went in with legal just to be like, "what the fuck? We have to hash this out"

  16. I’m talking about policy, not public statements, but all of those are monstrously indefensible

  17. But the public statements are the issue. My mom worked retail, the number of people that would yell at her when she asked them to wear a mask were astronomical. They didn't believe in masks bc Fauci was a liar or Trump said it wasn't that bad/it's just a flu, etc. It wasn't policy that caused it. It was stupidity from a fucking idiot and his minions.

  18. Fuck you Logan, we have the Battlehawks! Ka Kaw!

  19. As a different perspective, I played melee shadow imbuement rogue myself and did not have any issues with leveling or content progression. Ranged rogue might be more gear or skill reliant on later skill unlocks causing a slow leveling experience or feeling of squishyness. I felt something lacking when trying it around level 13 and went back to melee.

  20. I played a similar rogue and it was a lot of fun to come in, get my combo points, shadow imbue, twisted blades and then dash/shadow step through the pack only to have my blades fly to me, exploding along the way.

  21. That's a really deep cut. I feel like Tristram being used is either a massive shout out to the fans and for us to link the wolf to Diablo...or make us have these conversations and second guess who the wolf is with lore talk.

  22. But that is the same goal as Lilith, so why try and help us stop her?

  23. You mean D2? That's what started all of this, people playing that forever

  24. Had a great visit and I'm headed back with a newfound appreciation for Minnesota.

  25. Cool picture of the ground and hotel coffee. Welcome to our fine city! Be sure to visit QuickTrip for some donuts to get the full experience of St Louis

  26. They've done numerous aerosol studies of planes and concluded that covid transmission inside a plane cabin is ridiculously low probability.

  27. Very clearly they said "ANY kind of sick" and honestly, I don't understand your crusade in these comments to try and convince everyone to not use a mask. If someone wants to, how does that affect you in the slightest? Maybe a mask does literally nothing, who cares?

  28. As I've said elsewhere, I'm fine if YOU want to wear a mask. No skin off my ass. But look around this thread and you'll see plenty of people advocating for mandatory mask usage when in public or for employees in hospitals. I don't think that's right. If YOU want to wear one, be my guest - but don't act like you're innocent when you try to force others to comply.

  29. Do you spend a lot of time in hospitals? Most of the people advocating continuing to wear masks in this thread seem to be the employees you are trying to white knight. You keep saying no skin off your ass but you are nonstop posting about it.

  30. Ah Geocities, what was the other host with "Fire" in the name?

  31. Angelfire, I had a page there bones creak

  32. Christians aren't into the virgin-filled afterlife thing. Just the virgin-filled church thing

  33. They dont stay virgins for long if the pastor has anything to say about it

  34. When has this ever happened besides in the minds of the far right? I have never heard of this actually happening with proof. If it did, I guarantee it was a very isolated incident. Just like when someone mentions guns, couldn't we just punish the actual offenders?

  35. Caring too much.....actually his heart was like double its size, probably from not taking enough ivermectin

  36. First I find out from the video I am a racist and now after seeing her name, it turns out it is racism against white people

  37. But conservatives told me all liberals are on welfare. Why are they even applying for a job? Lol

  38. Well yeah, didn't you hear? No one wants to work (for slave wages) anymore!

  39. Man that is some word salad! Also if Stormy is such a “horse face” why did he sleep with her?

  40. I remember getting vpw2 in the mail when I was in like, 7th grade and just having my mind blown. Such a great game.

  41. Still the best wrestling game in my opinion. If AEW put their wrestlers and modes in that exact engine, I'd be ok with that honestly

  42. Yeah wrestlers court is awful, making people shake hands is ridiculous but an IWC fave does this and it’s “well back in the territories they’d get worse stuff than this every week”

  43. Exactly! You know what else used to happen back in the territories? Heels getting stabbed or attacked by fans. Throw a drink on my child who's not part of your show and it'd be really hard not to retaliate myself

  44. CM Punk has been wrestling for like 20 years and I guess he just discovered Bret Hart or something? How come he never mentioned his deep love for the guy until FTR started sucking them both off? It's just kinda weird at this point

  45. True but I think he had gear of other legends too but Bret seems to a current obsession

  46. Harley Race being DLC is really interesting, I am actually curious who would really be playing as him lol

  47. Funny enough, adding him is actually making me consider getting it. I'm old though

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