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  1. its just nuts too. iyo is an outrageously accomplished wrestler and bayley has one multiple championships. i guess i cant speak for kai because shes so green in comparison, just christ almighty, they need to ditch damage control, do some damage control and individually build each woman back up in order to fix it

  2. Main Street in O'fallon and Bryan Rd in O'Fallon are both still open. Some times anyway. Staffing and service at each is 100% horrible and I'd be embarrassed to own either.

  3. So so bad. Worst fast food I've ever had by far

  4. Lake Saint Louis is open. 40 & Highway 364.

  5. Is that one any good? I like cheap tacos occasionally but the two in O'Fallon are terrible amd closed randomly

  6. All rise? Come on now.....they know what they are doing

  7. Why does their entrance sound vaguely like Jane's Addiction?

  8. As a Jane's Addiction fan, I go through a spectrum of emotions when I hear it. Joy and then I realize who is coming out and I get sad

  9. I wasn't there, I didn't know it was aggressive. Didn't CM Punk tell anyone that had a problem to meet him backstage? Also wasn't the dog stuff debunked immediately?

  10. You keep saying without the bosses' knowledge but then want to hold them to a higher standard bc they are bosses? Which is it? Are they in charge or just other wrestlers? Ive never worked somewhere where management has to ask the owner if they can confront an employee. Do you really think they were brought back if they were at all at fault considering the potential legal ramifications?

  11. But only if it's Excalibur or Riccaboni, not Paul Wight, ugh

  12. Amazing, I was wanting to make a sleep character based on him. The show did a great job casting amd you did a great job creating him!

  13. I feel like people aren't reading the title. Most of the people mentioned never wore the white title. Shawn had it and I think that was it. Maybe Razor for a minute?

  14. I really can't stand this guy. I get he has tons of followers bc of fashion or something but he's trash in ring (he gets very hype for soft clotheslines everytime) and he looks awful. He definitely works his traps but has no other bulk or tone to speak of. On top of it, he doesn't seem that strong.

  15. I'm not in any bubble. I hate politics in general and how they are now injected into EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION with one-half of the country demonizing the opposing half uniformly without question. People are no longer individuals, they represent one group or another and it's fucking stupid.

  16. To be fair, she is a politician though. Bringing up politics when talking about a politician isn't unheard of

  17. I honestly did not know that. I agree there is more precedent in that case

  18. I get where you are coming from in general though, politics are important but fuck, it's all exhausting

  19. Thats not Elon Musk though. It's going to be even more confusing when literally anyone can pay for a blue check

  20. In the spirit of open enquiry and freedom of speech, it would be irresponsible not to suggest that his hair growth is clearly the result of adrenochrome wrung from the bodies of terrified, sex-tortured children or perhaps due to genetic tweaking by the Mad Lizard People Illuminati Scientists who live in the Earth's core. Perhaps he's wearing George Soros' pubes.

  21. Who knows really? I'd have to do my own research of course.

  22. Winds of Winter release date confirmed?!

  23. Winds of Winter AND A Dream of Spring both have dates and its 2023

  24. If you believe that you haven’t been a fan long…

  25. Oh please, I don't believe that at all, but it'd still be the best possible news

  26. That's why I respect him, he always calls it like he sees it. The real purrwerple powerhouse!

  27. Legitimately, what value would Punk bring? He’s injury prone and goes into business for himself. Aside from the initial pop of him returning, and pushing some merch, he brings nothing to the table anymore.

  28. Exactly, he'd be great for an initial ratings boost but after it's realized that it's the same ol same ol, it goes back to normal. He'd definitely sell shirts but he's been hurt a lot since his comeback, hasn't looked that great in ring, and obviously has the toxic stigma around him. Why disrupt your product for that?

  29. I’m all for hard hitting wrestling, but this is not the right way to do it.

  30. One of favorite quotes! I came here just to say this.

  31. This is clearly setting up the Brandon Cutler Revenge Arc for The Elite. A masked warrior fights alone, seeking to restore The Elite back to glory.

  32. Ah yes, the Brandon Cutler Ronin arc that will be spoke of for ages.

  33. Fucking edge lord. We lost our home when I was a teenager. It wasn't a motivational tool, it was crushing. It was the first time I saw my dad cry. Luckily we found somewhere to go (everything is fine now) but there was nothing positive about it.

  34. HHH is mellowed down a lot. If they can hash out on certain booking scenarios, he knows there is money to be made and will bring Punk back.

  35. In real life, interviewers ask you why you were let go from your previous employer. I know wrestling is a carry business but if I'm HHH, I wouldn't waste a dime on him. He's older, injury prone, slow, sloppy, and back on his locker room leader bullshit. Its not worth the headache. It's not like the WWE is hurting financially or even creatively at this point. You dont have to worry about the competition snatching him up so why bother? To see him bury all of his opponents bc he's allowed to shoot on everyone and the payoff is a mediocre match where he ends uo hurting himself?

  36. 100% Jodi asked her to lay it in, without a doubt. She's probably the toughest woman on the indys.

  37. This was a dope match, Jody beat her ass for a while too. It was hard hitting and both loomed badass

  38. Hit Row need a leader figure to replace Swerve ...Carmelo Hayes seems like a perfect fit and that would then even things out for a possible great feud against LdF. It also looks like we're heading towards a Bloodline v Brawling Brutes feud and hopefully Sheamus getting a shot at Reigns... exciting times ahead.

  39. Can you all stop throwing Carmelo in as Hit Rows leader? All black guys should be a team? He's nothing like them. Hell R-Truth fits more, at least he raps. It's just a bad look

  40. That was my first thought when she said that. I'd much rather have Renee than Mark Henry or Paul Wight. Renee, Menard, and Ian or someone as PBP for Elevation

  41. Not only that, but he lost the trial due to the jury finding him guilty of violating Connecticut’s unfair trade law. It wasn’t even about free speech, but profiting off of the tragedy and the lies.


  43. "By the way, replace the name Biden with Trump and imagine how the mob and the media would be covering all of this,"

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