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  1. I'm all 'I drink black coffee, so would you like a grande Pike Roast?'¹

  2. Leave. Now. Unless your wife is open to personal and marital counseling, your marriage is over.

  3. They Absolutely can accommodate your disability. Contact ethics and compliance and the EEOC. Then the ACLU.

  4. Also, she’s been married to his father since he was 3. Unless there’s something we’re not seeing in OPs account, that’s a hell of a long time to hold this amount of vitriol for someone who’s been nothing but nice.

  5. Parental Alienation is real. My dad and his GF gave me the gift of showing their ass when I was 12 and humiliating my mom in front of me. I never believed a word of their bullshit after that.

  6. Not my manager apocalypse stocking the mocha in our boh…. We’ve got 8 cases. I bet you other stores in your district are doing the same. Don’t call as a partner asking for bags just pretend to be a customer asking if they have mocha drinks. It’ll show you real quick who actually has product

  7. One of the college kids in my store is being required to request an LOA to go home for Christmas. Her dorms are closed for the holidays . She would happily pick up shifts in her old store. It's bullshit .

  8. put them in the Hobart and then immediately put a scoop of ice in the top one and pull

  9. This, + if you have a freezer stick it in the freezer, failing that the ice bin. I have unstuck three.

  10. Honestly, we have shifts that finagled agreements from previous management that they can have only opening availability , which is bullshit. I am not a shift and not planning to be because the expectation is and should be open availability.

  11. Because, inevitably this happens during Peak, I tell the customer that we don't keep that amount of coffee on hand and will take us at least 25 minutes ri prepare that order, you'll need to park in the parking lot

  12. Growing up in a military town and married a military guy, I knew my mom made enough to feed an army and drug strays home for Thanksgiving for years.

  13. This is my Walmart and these were my friends. I'm so scared for when I hear the names.

  14. OP a gentle YTA. Others have stated ways teachers can help avoid triggers. Let's say the teacher decides to do a Genealogy project and your son is expected to turn in a detailed family tree. Do you see where that may an assignment that may trigger him?

  15. Old Dan and Little Ann. Picture an entire class of sobbing 6th graders finishing Where The Red Fern Grows.

  16. This STBX employee feels your pain, I had an Uber driver call and go Karen on me. Yeah. I . don't. care. She wanted to get someone fired because her order was not correct .

  17. As corny as this post may seem, not a week goes by where at least 1 partner runs to the back in tears or angry because of a customer screaming at them in my store..

  18. Heck, my SM was yelled at was nearly in tears. For using the word Ma'am

  19. Is this 12 hr min thing even true? Some people getting scheduled 8 or 4… like wtf.

  20. There is a partner in a neighboring store that is picking up more hours as a borrowed partner than in their home store. They have requested a transfer to our store and their worthless manager will not submit the paperwork 🤬

  21. I'm in my 50's. My response is to deadpan 'what's TicTok? Explain it to me like I'm 5.

  22. Not gonna lie, it does feel good to have some backup finally.

  23. YEESS!! like fr REEEAD.. LISTEN...LOOOK! There's also times when its slow and there's NO customers waiting for a drink, there are NO drinks at the handoff, NO one in line ordering...and I'll STILL get a customer who orders a drink, clearly watches me make the drink with no one else at the handoff waiting, see me set down their drink..the only drink I made so far and ask me if it's theirs!! It takes everything in me not to ask "Do you see anyone else around?".

  24. I flat out ask people who insist on trying to handle cups the name and drink. And then ask them to please not handle the cups.

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