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The process of taking a painful L

  1. Joker. The success of the movie even at the dismay of some people calling it “horrifying” or “disgusting” was beyond life changing for me. Mental health is not always invisible, but when it is visible, many people turn their heads the other direction. Joker showed this not only within the movie, but with crowd reactions as well. Fucking brilliant.

  2. That sucks, since you’ve done so well can you petition to have it expunged? I know in Ky you can depending on the felony.

  3. Yes, I tried. It was tons of work, and I had anyone and everyone right me letters and had them notarized and everything. When I turned in all my paperwork, the person working behind the desk said it was probably the best expungement he had ever seen. I did it all by myself, and although it was horrible humbling to ask everyone for letters to help with my case, explain my homelessness, mental health and addiction issues, the state of MN and the judge took about 3 minutes to deny my application. I practically begged them to reconsider, but they thought I was still a threat. I had been sober for 10 years with ZERO criminal charges and still. I’m now 13 years sober, and am embarrassed to ask for letters again. My credit score is almost as high as it can be, I travel the world every year, I have a fairytale life and a wife that is better then me in all ways…yet I cannot get past and airport security without extra questions. I won’t be approved for Global Entry, back in the day, apartments would not even look at my application because I had to check that goddamn box.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that, I’m sure that was a very stressful ordeal. I can only imagine. It sounds like even with that setback and those occasional reminders though things are going really well for you and that’s great! You have only yourself and the support of your loved ones to thank for your success.

  5. I appreciate that. I am the luckiest person I know. I have gone from a heroin abusing, homeless, unhealthy former convict to a sober person, living in my dream (childhood) neighborhood, working out and walking everyday married to an executive at an international bank 7 years younger then me that also teaches yoga, so I get to take her classes, too…still a former convict. Lol. Safe to say, I am one in a million. I work with food shelves whenever my wife and I can. Visit detoxes in the area and just talk to people, and share my story when asked for it. But the important thing for everyone here to understand is that for every 1 of me, there are probably 10,000 others that didn’t hit the universes jackpot. The more you stay in touch with where you came from, and help others that are still there, the more grounded AND less likely you will be to become a repeat offender. IMO

  6. Literally can’t wait…now I just need about 6 hours of undisturbed time to listen to the whole thing

  7. So, I listened to all of Borrasca, truthfully, I was bored. I force listened to see if my mind would change, but sadly, no. I can see why people like it, and see why it’s always recommended, though. Thank you!

  8. Treatment of Families 😳. I’ve always thought our locker rooms at the facility and the stadium were…not the best

  9. Yea, after going through Ryan’s injury and how they helped him and his family financially, I was kind of surprised treatment of families was almost an F. But then I saw that the Steelers don’t offer game day daycare, which other teams do, and don’t have a family room for all the families to gather in after home games

  10. Towards the end..any interaction with the production crew, so cringe.

  11. Steelers fan here…Hamlin is in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Absolutely disgusted. Ashamed to be a white American male, once again.

  13. wouldn’t call it rare but yeah it’s a niece piece .

  14. Are they easier to find in Europe? I couldn’t find this specific one in the US, but maybe I just suck at Google..

  15. i believe the camos where discontinued on this model , or the whole model itself can’t remember only know that plenty of old camos where removed due to less to little no sale marketing ..

  16. Yea, I went to 3 CG stores, one in MN and 2 in NYC, and they all almost just laughed me out of the store, said it was not only a rare jacket, but rare color pattern. I believe the jacket was discontinued all together. Either way, I absolutely love it and am so happy it’s legit.

  17. Tbh, I never know if someone is staring at me because I did something rude, or I have something in my hair/on my face. So I try my best not to make direct eye contact with them. I never thought it was because I was attractive until my partner mentioned it to me. I still don’t believe it and I hate when people stare at me.

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