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  1. Yeah, but Saraya isn't going to want to try and get Ronnie Radke signed to AEW.

  2. She was just talking about wanting to do a mixed tag match with him in AEW four months ago

  3. LayCool both defended the Women's championship when Layla won it. Same with the Diva's Championship when Michelle won it.

  4. Seems like a good dude who just can’t seem to get over. This is a great move.

  5. He was starting to get over as Bum Ass Corbin, but then they changed him to Happy Corbin.

  6. His match at Battleground was the first match of his that I watched, and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

  7. Dragunov's thing about being a tiny guy who takes uncomfortable beatings will get him nowhere. Main roster has no interested in short, doughty fuck who has matches that make you uncomfortable watching them.

  8. Weaponized cage match ? Maybe I should start watching NXT now

  9. She's in the comics too? I'm going to have to look into this

  10. TNA Impact October 18, 2007, simply for the Junior Fatu/Rikishi promo where he calls Robert Roode "Rick Rude or whatever that jabroni's name is".

  11. Yikes. That was a painful promo. "To the Moon"? Are they just stealing year+ old memes now?

  12. Lol iconic, I’ve never seen this photo in my life

  13. I thought hbk would hate barbershops, last time he went to one some weirdo dived through the window for no reason.


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