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  1. M1 has benefits for simple investment needs but has challenges with more complicated financial scenarios. Consider your long term needs and make sure they are a good fit.

  2. I switched away from M1 because my financial situation became slightly complicated. They were not able to meet my more sophisticated needs and I had to move to a large broker who was well versed in what I needed.

  3. They are great if your financial situation is simple. If your needs borderline on complex you may want to consider a larger brokerage.

  4. It's like some high school kid just bought a Red camera and came up with the fastest way to give someone motion sickness. Cool song, tho.

  5. It's a robotic camera arm, super cool tech when done well lol

  6. I believe it, but damn that's a lot of motion. It also is uncanny how in sync the movement is... like 2 seconds still and then washing machine... on repeat.

  7. From a sales leader perspective:

  8. Damn so instead of trying to figure out Roth IRA recharacterization in M1 should I just leave?

  9. I don't know your situation, but I needed to resolve it ASAP. I felt like I wasn't going to be able to do that with M1, and thus I left.

  10. But could you do the recharacterization after leaving m1? Or does it need to be done in m1 before leaving?

  11. You can do it later. It’s all self attestation.

  12. Papa Bezos, please fund this as a new prime exclusive for me to binge watch.

  13. Excellent. Now I can withdraw the rest of my claims, sell them, and never come back again.

  14. Project was good. I had faith. I bought more after the new listing. Now it’s dead and I’m moving on. HDL exploit was the straw that broke the camels back. Better platforms are on the rise and Yieldly has lost its prominence.

  15. Ok cool. Runs it. You now owe 26k in taxes. :/

  16. I’m a YLDY fanboy and was concerned around some of the FUD I saw re: the owners not being doxxed and the lack of smart contracts. However, after using the platform I see zero risk. Coins stay in your wallet, no contracts. It’s like a glorified airdrop more then a stake. I’ll be using it in combination with YLDY. I see a world where the more sophisticated platforms (the ones who can pay the 6 figure listing costs to YLDY) go with YLDY and the grassroots coins going with AlgoStake.

  17. Now imagine what would be possible if they spent this money on supporting their customers instead of marketing?

  18. It’s an ETH token. It’s stored in the ETH wallet.

  19. I mean, not to sound pessimistic, but at this point in time, unless you're looking to trade it, there isn't much to do with it, might as well put it on governance lol

  20. IMO, YLDY sucks. I've had a small amount staked there to 'test', and it's frightening with how inconsistent the service is with 'claiming rewards'. It's literally like 80% of the time, you can't get the claim transaction to go through. And now, I'm at the point where I'd just as soon withdraw my ALGO from the NLL, but since it wont' process transactions, I'm stuck.

  21. This sounds like an issue with how you are using Yieldly. I've got a fairly large bag of YLDY and I move it around a few dozen times a week farming Yield. I also have a bag of ALGO in the NLL and have never had issues. Their telegram is very active. If your having these types of issue this is non-standard and I'd seek support to resolve. I'm making very good returns on Yieldly and will continue to do so.

  22. Not worth my time. The sooner I can get my ALGO back, the farther away I will be. Not interested in playing games with something like this. They can't get their shit set up properly for people to use, they shouldn't get people putting assets there.

  23. Enjoy your 2.4% returns. Also, I will just leave this here. It's the official ALGO telegram which serves the same exact purpose as the Yieldy one.

  24. Do it. I just did and cannot wait to be done with M1.

  25. Shot in the dark, but did you find a workaround?

  26. Coinbase is blocking them for some unknown reason. Feels cheap to me on Coinbases side of things. I was even willing to pay the debit card fee from PennyMac to process the debit payment.

  27. Update: received official word that loan providers are blocked at this time. This is a real shame since it’s Coinbase blocking them. Really makes me think twice if this card is really that great. Maybe Coinbase isn’t ready to pay 4% on these transactions??

  28. While not the most conservative approach I’ve been doing really well with Hedgefundie excellent adventure. Higher risk, higher reward. Rebalance quarterly.

  29. lol I did a doubletake just now... thought one of my wallets received 80k algo... did I hit the Yieldy lottery??

  30. DOUG to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  31. When looking at a coin price on tradingview... do each exchange have their own prices or are they unique to each? For example, Binanace ADA shows it only dipping to .80

  32. Did cardano seriously just dip to .2 and I didnt have a chance to buy it?!

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