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  1. Every subreddit upvotes popular opinions and downvotes opinions they don't like.

  2. Thank you, thank you!!! You're absolutely correct here

  3. Looks solid; ive seen scoop up mew only once before. Good luck!

  4. I love how no one has mentioned that it's Rob Schneider that deliveries the shell line.

  5. This hereby is a message to the homo sapiens who is in possession of both X and also Y chromosomes and to whom it is a common however incorrect assumption that I was created by transmission of sperm through the seminal fluid that was ejaculated from his phallic member and into the vaginal cavity of the homo sapiens who possesses not one but two X chromosomes and ejected me from her womb. As you have the aforementioned relationship to me, it is my personal belief that you must hearken to what I must now utter. My homeostasis has been shaken after being forced to endure two less than a dozen divisions of an hour of the currently displaying combination of audio and digitally manipulated video that was intended to invoke the sensation of moving images in the viewer, which is, as of now, being projected onto the sheet of fabric that has been hung at the foremost section of this chamber and being projected into the air as compression waves which have been created by the vibrating motion of electromagnets. This such event, although it was intended by the Disney corporation to create a sense of entertainment in those who lay their eyes on such a product, has instead invoked a deep sense of abject horror in my soul. I request that our party of individuals swiftly depart this abominable venue for the purpose of preserving my sanity and sparing my mind from the frankly unbearable scene that I should never have witnessed. I strongly urge you to consider my request.

  6. Wtf is with the "...incorrect assumption..." ? Positive that this is exactly how birth; including this child's, occurs.

  7. I would not purchase for 50. The going rate for NM is approx 25-30.

  8. On cardmarket that cards asking price is 250, so I think different

  9. Right? Its not about just beating lugia, but winning the tournament too

  10. There's always a counter. The deck is 2 weeks old; give it some time and people will figure it out, they'll find its weakness and exploit it.

  11. The deck is much older in japan and still rocks the meta

  12. Yep he set the tempo, which allowed Mew Vmax as a contender again, cause it’s one of the only things that can keep relative pace.

  13. In japan a lot of decks are adopting counters to lugia. Zoroark box gained popularity, weezing gained popularity as well as duraludon.

  14. Ive seen Ho oh in: Darkrai, Arcanine V, Mewtwo V, and an arceus deck.

  15. I see damage along the edges of the blastoise. The charizard has similar on the top edges of the back, the corner looks to have a crease (but that could be an effect from the packaging.) Dark charizard's edges look to be damage front and back. Blaine's charizard has damage on the edges front and back.

  16. Also, the boxes I bought I sold them for what I payed for with the condition that I open them and hand them over. (Screw over potential scalpers)

  17. I gotta say this is probably the best thing you can do to hurt scalpers.

  18. You misunderstood my meaning Charizard was an example, when I was a kid my favorite card was Jinzo, Yu Gi oh was my favorite game, I never had one cause it was too expensive to buy, my mother every Monday buyer me a fake Yu hi oh booster pack, finding 1 Jinzo in that packet was extraordinary and I was sure it was fake, but I didn’t care “i was 7 years old”….

  19. My parents bought me cards around that age. I still own some of them, sold others recently.

  20. As a player I also agree. I dont like having to buy new cards this often

  21. Ironically, doing such a thing would probably prevent your existence (definitely the motivation to do it) and therefore causes a temporal loop in which only reddit exists

  22. Also they'd bring back diseases that would kill the natives anyways

  23. Good point! Probably kill everyone realistically

  24. The comments.... The comments make this whole thread. Picture is funny, but dear god y'all are hilarious!

  25. Liberal... Communist... Facist.... There is NO difference

  26. I dont know a whole lot about the cards you listed; however as for getting damage onto pokemon; you could try using gape maw as it'll rack up some counters. Sure your pokemon will be damaged too, but they'll more than likely be OHKO anyway. Something to consider

  27. Yeah I think we would be interested in selling them or even trading them for Pokémon cards as that’s more our thing.

  28. Howdy! Im an old school dbz player that plays pokemon now, similar situation! I use a gohan for my vstar counter - got lots of praise for it last tournament. Maybe you'll like the idea too?

  29. How do u solve for basculegion getting bossed out and killed after the steelix attack?

  30. Here in Japan what a lot of players do is put their favorite card in sleeve, double sleeve it and put the VSTAR counter in the second sleeve so it covers the text of the card.

  31. And this doesnt mess with the card itself? Now i wanna do something like this

  32. Exactly. That’s what I struggle with. I remember trading for this exact card on the back of the school bus.

  33. Id bet you; on the flip side. Had you not sold, youd be thinking about how you could've sold and had the money rather than the card and would be disappointed in the decreasing value

  34. Off topic, but your table and my table have the same figures on it.... And in the same position....

  35. Spoiler alert, he's in your house selling your things...

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