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  1. Me with the multiple empty or half empty bags of snacks in my hoard 😃

  2. How much DPH have you had tonight? And I totally get it, I've been through a 3 month psychosis and I'm still using.

  3. I haven't done it since the summer and I had a really bad psychotic episode on December 2022 and I've been slipping since therfore

  4. It’s gonna be okay. There isn’t a God out their punishing you but it is a very common delusion to think evil is after you. What do you mean by interconnected frameworks? You’re not evil you’re just having a hard time and a good chance you suffer with psychosis at the moment. Are you taking any drugs at all? Your thoughts aren’t being stolen I think you’re just struggling with your attention span due to your illness.

  5. I am Not on any meds if you mean drugs I don't take any anymore

  6. Does anyone else have this in almost psychotically *I apologize probably the wrong word, but I swear I know what people are saying about me/thinking. So yeah I KNOW they hate me, I can hear their thoughts.

  7. Maybe it's a delusion? I do get the same thing though if it's strongly held and you truly believe it with all faith then probably a psychotic delusion, it could also be social anxiety and it could just be personality pathology I think it depends on how pervasive and how strongly held it is

  8. Is that okay to have psychotic delusions. I had a therapist and brought it up with her, I don't think she was very good. She would just argue how do I know, because I do know. I just know.

  9. It's not morally bad but if left untreated could throw you into a psychotic episode or develop a psychotic disorder overall not morally bad but def bad to leave untreated as it can get very debilitating

  10. I get this too I always didn't know why my name feels so foreign to me it feels like I'm introducing someone else at times

  11. It's always been on and off recently been really bad for last 3 months

  12. yes especially fluorescent lighting

  13. Yeah I just dropped 1776mg poli. We'll see if I even leave 2nd or 3rd plat. I never can even identify where I get to anymore

  14. Same idk what plat I hit most times, I did robocough for a whole month on a binge and overdosed at 1500mg of it 💀

  15. Yeah same lmao it was the robo 30s that fucked up my Dxm tolerance to the max. Ever since then Idk why I even bother with Dxm. That 900mg freebase dose fucked me up baddd. Also I had an overdose on pcp and idk if that dissociation gave me a tolerance to Dxm dissociation

  16. Omggggg freebase fr fucked me up too! They were not lying that shit is strong asf, what's pcp like I've been curious of it before

  17. I've known some women who did dxm but they stopped doing it at some point

  18. On and off. I often don't wanna be self aware

  19. I think antisocial too. I stopped myself from doing things a few years ago because it was bad and it was like an addiction. It was a part of me since a child but it made me feel so good. And fed my ego so much so I kept doing it. But I don’t wanna get caught that’s the only thing. The older I get the more “bad” the things are I want to do. So the consequences are more severe. So I have to try and control myself but it’s hard and I have aggressive outbursts because of it 🥲

  20. I feel you, I would be a really shitty person if I couldn't get caught or if laws didn't exist

  21. Yesss this. Like I should have been born in medieval times or some shit. But there were rules back then too but I feel I’d fit in more idk. Or like the Roman gladiators type shit. Just some time when it was hard to get caught lol like imagine all the people that got away with stuff because there wasn’t technology to catch them or prove they committed a crime. And the second part. 100% agree

  22. Damn I thought I was the only one who felt this way!!! I thought about being a criminal during the 60s due to the lower chance of being caught

  23. I dwell on it and then I try to act like I was right and they were wrong or I try and delude myself into believing they still like me

  24. Do you have any history of schizophrenia spectrum disorders in your family? I didn’t know until just the last couple of years. My great uncle had it. Until then a therapist had put me down the wrong road to DID. Turns out more likely schizoaffective, since I have bipolar symptoms. How long have you experienced these symptoms?

  25. My mother has Schizophrenia she's been diagnosed since 27 but started developing it at 22, my grandmother had schizoaffective disorder and committed suicide in her late 30s I believe. My moms brother has some sort of delusional disorder but I'm not sure which type as I don't speak to him, and my uncle on my dads side has Schizotypal personality disorder

  26. I’d definitely would talk with a doctor about this. It seems like you are definitely having a hard time with all of these intrusions.

  27. I do they are very distressing and becoming hard to function since December 2022 as far as hallucinations and paranoia but the isolation and emotional blunting has been bad since 2021 Or 2019

  28. I am concerned with them when it is a social situation and I feel I have to appear morally correct but overall I don't think about them a lot and have very black and white thinking in general

  29. I love morals. Especially mine. Because my morals are the best morals and I dare anybody to prove me wrong /hj /we have a little fun in this narcissistic house

  30. Idk if it's something else or psychosis but inside my head but there not my thoughts or even sound like me

  31. It feels like they are living in my head, or I'll hear people talking to me from a bit away, when I go over and ask what they need, or answer their question, absolutely nothing was said

  32. My favourite is romanticizing normal interactions and convincing myself people are in love with me

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