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11-year-old calls 911 to help mom from abusive partner, responding officer shoots 11-year-old instead

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  1. You see others is saying no is good advice BUTTT for me if it was this girl I want back in my life I would let her back in and hurt me just so I can spend more time with her bc no one compares to her

  2. I ain’t even gunna lie I lost my polo shirt at a concert cus I threw it up onto stage and they signed it and threw it back and someone else got it 😪

  3. Imo idc bc My family did it for a better life 🤷🏽 if they had the resources / funds to do it legally they would’ve done it but hey you gotta do what you gotta do to survive

  4. "I'm not even directly an American, I'm Hispanic American." - Sorry to say this, but you are American. 33% or somewhere close to that figure, of Americans are of Hispanic origins. Still American. If you want to see what Americans comprise of, look at a unit of our military. Hispanic, blacks, Jews, Christian, whites, etc... still all Americans in the eyes of the Taliban. It's like saying "African Americans, are not directly American." They absolutely are. They are not even remotely "African."

  5. What’s the point of buying reps and trying to act like their real if you can’t get them don’t get them. Get something else you like that’s cheaper smh

  6. Even worse they have the money for it if they don’t want to spend it on shoes then don’t. It’s like if you collected sports cards and the most valuable one you have your favorite one the one you spent a long time looking for and you finally got it and then your friend prints out a picture of the card and says he has the same one. Then your card isn’t special anymore that’s what people are doing with shoes they should be special and things people can collect now with all these reps having a valuable sneaker isn’t even special anymore

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