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  1. strawberry açaí lemonade shaken with oatmilk and chocolate cream cold foam

  2. Last night someone said “I really appreciate you being open on thanksgiving, even though you might not like it, it’s still cool” Like no fucking way you just said that 😐

  3. We have a regular who orders an espresso with “extra steamed cream” and will watch over us while we make her drink and keep demanding “i want EXTRA cream” when she’s already been given the 3/4 inches, until her cup is filled all the way and she has a latte. People have told her multiple times that anything more than 3/4 of an inch is a latte and that’s what she has to order and pay for, and she still does it every day. She’s extremely annoying and I refuse to make her drink because I can’t stand her and she won’t stop doing this.

  4. yeah they told me they were never allowed to get wet 😭😭😭

  5. someone ordered two 12 splenda teas at my store before, 24 packets total between the two drinks. ridiculous, luckily we had an extra person who was able to sit there and open all of them for us but still.

  6. i love my family but i’m just got off work and now i is getting off work

  7. i just had my first 90 day review and got a .50 raise already? everyone always says they don’t give raises though

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