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  1. Exciting! Which one are you getting?

  2. I have enough room for mine in my bed so I snuggle with them all at night-and during the day I take turns.

  3. Rip a hole in em (where the seam is, usually on the back.. u can open it with a seam ripper or scissors), toss that stuffing and heart out, yeet their soulless bodies into the washing machine and put some soap in it, wait a couple of minutes and receive your soulless plushie after the wash is done, wait til it dries, then restuff ur soulless friend so it gains consciousness again.. and do a ladder stitch to close the seam back up!

  4. The devil bear, howl-o-ween werewolf 2022, and the DQ blizzard and baskin&robins bears❤️🧸

  5. He sits in jail behind my bed and I sniff his strawberry scented face violently every now and then

  6. Pumpkin spice 100% I also like birthday cake the most out of the year round main 4 scents lmao although tbf as long as it isnt one of the floral scents ill like it

  7. Are the four main birthday cake, bubblegum, cotton candy, and marshmallow?

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