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  1. You expect the ADHD-addled, perpetual short term memory cycle zoomers here to know who Gregory Peck is? Come on, OP.

  2. I immediately disregard any, "I'm a ______ princess" women. Chances are they're just lazy narcissists, and had their personality formed by social media

  3. After grinding away in Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 as a kid/teen, most games these days are comfortably playable. Nioh being an exception my first time around, and that was made by the same company as Ninja Gaiden.

  4. Nothing preventing Homelander from immediately sky-blitzing into the upper atmosphere and forcing his opponent to pass out; or, even simpler, doing the same but backwards into a wall - killing them

  5. "Yes, goyim. Have no loyalty to family. Reject creed and country. Yes, Good goy."

  6. Old perverts and pedophiles, it's literally that simple. They get off on it. It's not, "Oh they're old and can't be bothered." They had enough energy/will/care to go to the gym and do some sort of an activity, pulling a towel around their waste isn't anything at all. It's just sexual predation

  7. You realize being naked in locker rooms has been the norm for every generation up until the millennials right?

  8. I'm guessing you're a zoomer or in possession of genetic markers common to those with sub-80 IQs, only reason you could be dumb enough to equate, "being naked" with parading oneself needlessly. There's no reason to loiter in the nude in locker rooms. They're not social spaces. You can get naked and do the hygienic business required of you without broadcasting your body. You aren't fooling anyone, pederast

  9. The temporal authorities would detain you. I've tried to go back to black and white times to melt their brains with my colorful outfit. But the darn Time Cops snagged me

  10. Joe Goldberg was in the UK in season 4. Maybe he'll help...You

  11. The Gone World is the book you're looking for. Complex enough to keep you guessing, lots of interesting ideas and well-written to boot!

  12. Somewhat of a dedication to three of my best friends, and also just a fun little story

  13. Somewhat of a dedication to three of my best friends, and also just a fun little story

  14. Zoomers, aside from being sociopaths, also need as much stimuli as possible, at once. A video without music might as we be silent to them

  15. Most "planet level" characters, as people usually cite planetary core destabilization as equal to just blowing the fuck out of the whole sphere. (It isn't)

  16. I'm not gonna read all that, but I definitely don't want a wife/gf who just sees herself as a maid & "hole", or places herself in any position of subservience. I find submissiveness really off-putting and pathetic, but I'm generally more attracted (romantically) to women who'd probably consider themselves more conservative"Traditional", and probably more inclined to wanting that kind of relationship role. I don't want a "dominant" woman, either; just someone who doesn't seek to absorb my personality and traits into themselves, or selflessly wait on me. It's weird

  17. The enemies in the first Biome are extremely similar to the mimics in Edge of Tomorrow

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