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  1. What a little doll. She is so cute. Havi's are really special.💕

  2. She is such a sweetie pie. Loves all dogs & people. Gets her in trouble sometimes but she loves making new friends!

  3. so everybody’s Maltese loves to snuggle with stuffed animals, not just mine? 🥲

  4. Does Flo’s back hurt from carrying every film she’s in? 🫠

  5. I just have to wonder if Florence’s back hurts from carrying every movie she’s in 🫠

  6. He’s definitely grown, but still mostly floof. 😝He’s about 12 pounds now.

  7. I hope my schnese (mini schnauzer/havanese) gets to 12 lbs.! She’s 6 months and only 8lbs. Not sure when she’ll reach her full size

  8. Mine does that too! The only thing he is ever possessive of is his bone treat.

  9. Or sometimes she tries to toss it up in the air and catch it, or put it under the rug to play with it before eating it. It’s so weird but so cute

  10. It’s at a beach on the north shore of Long Island. Very peaceful and usually not a lot of people

  11. Aw! Do they get along well? What are some of the personality traits in the breeds that you’ve noticed (differences & similarities)? This is my first time with the schauzner or havanese breed

  12. uh- what??!!!! that's insane! is it coming off of a step when it first shows up on the camera? that is solid gold.

  13. Yes she’s taking a step down and her legs just floated into the air. She’s still learning how to use her puppy body 🤣

  14. That stick looks appealing but my pup LOVES eating all those leaves

  15. They really are! A few years ago I lost my poodle fur son suddenly. He was only 5. I went to tell my groomer and cancel his appointments and her friend just handed her havi over to me as we all cried and this dog was just amazing! So loving and comforting… and I was a complete stranger to her. She just knew I needed love and support. I fell in love with the breed and now have my amazing Coltrane 💚💚

  16. That’s such a sweet story, and shows the kindness of strangers too. I’m so sorry for your untimely loss, but it seems that Coltrane is helping you both physically and emotionally heal. My Maltese Bella passed recently and I didn’t think any other dog could compare to her. Now I’ve realized that it’s not about replacing her, but building a new special bond with my 6 mo. Havanese puppy (Baci), while always remembering the beautiful memories of Bella. By the way, love the name Coltrane! 🤍

  17. What a sweet boy! They really are healing & comforting with their unconditional love ❤️ Feel better xx

  18. even when she’s up to her puppy antics, being adorable forgives everything 😇

  19. Definitely wouldn’t cancel existing orders- only prevent shoppers from buying products until vacation hold is lifted. Hope this helps!

  20. This would be our first relatively pricey wool rug. I'm worried about how a wool rug would handle puking and other potential dog stains. Is it easy to clean?

  21. Wool rugs are going to shed a lot especially at first so keep that in mind too! Is it going in a room where the dog is most of the time? You may be better off with a machine washable rug or polypropylene/polyester rug for easy cleaning (also much cheaper). Otherwise just a dab of detergent and water will do it, but if it’s a deep stain the wool rug will most likely have to be professionally cleaned

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