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  1. Making a YT compilation breakdown of this move for

  2. If I were to recommend you books, they’d mostly be non-fiction. The problem with the vast majority of fiction books (at least the ones that I’ve read) is that they don’t do a good job giving you ideas or clues on how to exploit the world around you (although there are a few exceptions here, mainly sci-fi).

  3. lol why you gotta exploit the world around you breh. Fiction is art

  4. Its kind of like in boxing where even the lightest jab is bad for your brain. Basketball is never going to do any favors for your joints. I used to box but funny enough, it was usually playing basketball that I was ever put on crutches.

  5. Man maybe I should start playing hockey...those forearms.

  6. I also work in tech (I'm a data scientist) and I've been able to learn everything I've ever wanted to about music theory from YouTube and this subreddit. I'd recommend paying for a private teacher for an instrument, though.

  7. That's great to hear! I've done my own forays into music theory. I know a little bit. I wholeheartedly agree that a private teacher would help. The real decision for me is to decide between a private teacher and a degree

  8. Realistically, you won't learn all of the same things if you self-study vs if you do a degree program. You probably are not going to learn anything as well either because you have no deadlines or tests or minimum standards to meet. Which method will be most effective for you is highly dependent on what you want to be able to accomplish musically. For example if you are a guitar player, and want to shred, you don't necessarily need a degree for that. Many guitarists have learned to shred self-taught. If your goal is to compose professionally and be able to write & arrange music for any type of ensemble, including full orchestra, then yes going to a music school would be the best route for that. If your goal is to be in a cover band called "The Weekend Warriors", where you play for beer and pretzels at the local pub, then you don't need a degree. If you want to teach music theory at a university, you need a degree (a few really). If you want to teach private guitar or piano lessons, you don't need it.

  9. That's good advice, I like having instruction because it holds me accountable and its proven helpful in everything else I've tried to learn. I realize now that 'learn as much as i can' is super ambitious, I guess I just want a formidable understanding of music.

  10. I like your attitude a lot, I never thought about applying a nihilistic attitude to my anxiety so that's really cool. But why does life need a meaning? If there is a one true meaning that would be constraining for the different kinds of people on the earth to work towards. A one size fits all "meaning" doesn't exist and it's a good thing that it doesn't. The common answer to this question is that we are all different and it's up to us to create "meaning". Or don't, you may not need that in your life. Maybe you could try looking into Buddhism and enlightenment. There is of course a lot to Buddhism but this idea of being able to achieve this feeling of oneness with others and even the larger world seems like a great insight. I hope things work out for you.

  11. The 80/20 rule that incels say, where apparently 80% of women are only sleeping with 20% of the men, is the one that really grinds my gears. It's such a dumb use of statistics and percentages and doesn't make sense when thought about logically in any capacity.

  12. I know one can confirm this by going outside and touching grass, but do you have any sources to refute the 80/20 rule?

  13. Everything in life is a cope, some of us aren't LeBron James and will lose out a lot more than we win. We may never win once. But op is a real one, he's accepting and even cherishing the hard parts of life. He didn't decide the rules but he's decided not to let an unfair reality faze him as best as he can. Sure it's a cope but try framing it as grit and perseverance. You'll run yourself out of the game if everything is merely a cope.

  14. So true. I’ve gone back and forth shaving my head and honestly I’ve gotten hotter chicks while bald. It’s 99% about not being insecure about it.

  15. Isn't it the strangest thing? I shaved my head for a bit and the mental load off really did much more for me than hair. To all the dudes here struggling with balding, you'd be surprised at what you can deal with

  16. you gotta be careful what you post around here man, i'm stupid enough to believe (and try) this

  17. thats a good one, you'll definitely see some gains. Nathanael Morton has a decent weighted program thats free if you want to hit the weight room after completing the body weight program

  18. Hi guys, female here. Would women be able to use it as well? Thanks for the info. :)

  19. I don't want to get your hopes up, but if it doesn't go systemic and just scrubs dht off of the scalp...then maybe? I'm not sure if DHT is what causes female hair loss actually.

  20. Thank you for your reply! Yes, I believe that DHT is the culprit of female hair loss as well or at least one major reason with Androgenic Alopecia. Hmm…so wait & see then I suppose. Are they only testing it on men?

  21. I put together a Ruby on Rails for Beginners course that's free where we build a clone of Buffer for scheduling tweets. It's a great little project to learn from because it covers authentication from scratch, OAuth, interacting with APIs, and all the MVC basics.

  22. Thanks! Its been difficult trying to find newer resources for Rails in 2022. Odin project is very nice but a video resource like this is much appreciated

  23. My best friend ODed two weeks ago and I was the one to find him. I practice stoic principles pretty hard because I’m a regular member of AA. Gratitude has saved me a ton of grief.

  24. I just wanted to say you have a great soul to be able to think about what happened to you in the way that you do.

  25. I got very deep into Stoicism when I lost my first born as a baby about a decade ago.

  26. That's tragic and you have my condolences as well. I've seen how much pain parents go through when they lose a child. It's really just something else is all I can say.

  27. All ben did was play defense, lift weights and wish a mother fucker would.

  28. Well do you apply it everyday? Maybe you could do MWF. I think you got it pretty good right now man. Also, how are you getting this mixture?

  29. I was also 22 when I decided to get off of fin. I honestly had no sides other than a loss of morning wood. was enough to worry me.

  30. How long did it take to go back to normal? You all good now?

  31. Took a few weeks to get back to normal, maybe sooner honestly. It's been 4 years, and I have no issues down there.

  32. Can only hope for the day medicine has become advanced enough for stuff like this to not even be a concern. Best of luck to the Nuggets and Murray, such a great great team to watch.

  33. I don't have a problem with the 24 year sentence, that part makes sense to me. I'm just worried for his safety, the US prison system is insidious and shameful.

  34. What does he suggest to do in order to examine it? Just meditation? Journaling?

  35. Those are two good places to start I guess. Google the Yale Happiness Course as well.

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