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  1. You guys would really like a couple rounds at Peak / Peek a Boo. It’s a restaurant over the Edge in Hudson yards. The food is nothing to write home about, but the booze is great and the view is striking. 75$ minimum and you’ll get charged for a no-show

  2. The 7 day pass doesn’t pay for itself unless you use it at LEAST twice each day (for 6 days) or 12 trips (can’t swipe it within 15 minutes of use). Depends on how much you plan on using the subway. Generally, I tell tourists to skip on the metro card and just use your Apple wallet to tap and go (don’t bother setting up an OMNY account)

  3. thank you! that’s a good idea - i also hadn’t considered studying abroad. i’m talking to a therapist right now, so i’m doing okay, just go through moments where i am unsure what to do. thank you for your kind words! i will try to talk to my parents about it - i can be fairly open with them, but when it comes to school they tend to completely disregard my own feelings about it

  4. I took a semester off during sophomore year when I had a 2.1 gpa and spiraling depression. I got into therapy and back on meds. I then transferred schools (might be a solution for you as well?) and was able to start new. Graduated with a 3.4.

  5. I know other cities come close (ETA in the US), but the fact that I can get damn near EVERYWHERE on public transportation. Non-native and it blows my fucking mind.

  6. Why can’t you fly with the bunnies? They fit the “under the seat” requirement.

  7. Unfortunately American and United, who both used to accept rabbits, don't anymore. I used to fly often with my last rabbit, but it's usually one animal per person anyway. I am highly considering it but I'm torn, for one thing I don't want to even miss a week of their babyhood, for another I know my small family would love to see them as babies and spend Christmas with them. If I could find someone to share the drive with, it'd be a much easier call.

  8. I get that, but you also need to consider the bunny well being. Traveling is difficult, and I can’t imagine they want to be handled by a bunch of new people. They’d also be exposed to all kinds of sickness/ infections.

  9. I’m 26 and work in a warehouse. I seriously need to figure this out cause I have no idea on what to do as a career

  10. Listen, I hate to be the boring adult, but if I had to do it again, I’d go into finance, accounting, or MBA. Cause that money sounds real good rn

  11. SLP is one of those careers that is in real need but the pay, balanced against the cost of education, just doesn't seem to work out. One can do an SLP for BA/BS but if you want more than 45k to start you gotta get those MA/MS quals and that still probably won't get a person more than 10-15k more to start.

  12. 100% correct. SLP here, if I were to do it again, I wouldn’t. Yes, I’ll always have an opportunity for jobs, but the pay is barely above or equal to teacher pay (which should obviously be more as well). Not worth the 80k+ in grad school loans.

  13. Get a cheap place to crash somewhere tonight, dump your things, and head out! Enjoy the city and welcome

  14. I get these too. Pop and move on. But ugly :( I don’t think they’re an allergy to the ink, cause it should be everywhere the ink is, right? I just assumed mine were trauma to the skin

  15. You were denied. Ask for the deposit back. She’s trying to not lose your “business”

  16. 20% for all food and beverage, if you’re paying cash, tip AS YOU GO/ per drink not a grand tip at the end (if you don’t tip the first round, they’ll assume you won’t tip at all). If it’s shit service, still tip 20%.

  17. Idk how air traffic control works. Why do they look like they’re going over the city then yeeting to the left?

  18. I loved going to canal streets and going shopping. Just somebody giving me cash and saying go wild so I could get the stupid crap I want but wasn’t supposed to buy was so much fun.

  19. Metro card ticket station or any bank- just go in, give them a $1 or $5 and ask for coins back. You don’t need to have or open an account :)

  20. Sorry bud, it’s a landlords market and a renters nightmare. They might not even respond to an attempt lol.

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