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  1. Torrid jeans/ jeggings can vary just a bit, but they also sneak in crop cut so see if that was the intention. I usually vary from a 20-22 depending on the fit of the pant. 3 for all leggings, 2 for skirts and dresses.

  2. You probably know this, but jic, it is likely hormonal. My family (female side) deals with this cystic chin area stuff. Sometimes hormonal birth control can help. Topicals haven't been so great, but the right pill works wonders for me. Everyone is unique so I don't have a specific recommendation other than check with your doctor, if you can. Also, this is kinda weird, but whenever I wash my hands I gently wipe clean water all over the bottom of my face and dab it dry with a clean towel. It doesn't dry me out but cuts the oils down a bit, washes off the daily grime. Sorry, I know you didn't ask for advice, I just know the struggle so wanted to share my experiences hoping it may help another.

  3. Hello fellow water washer!! I only cleanse once a day (at night), my morning routine is a splash of water cause otherwise I flake dry skin! Glad to see I’m not insane

  4. Eli5- why wouldn’t the bird get the ones off its body on its own? Like, the ones it could reach. Isn’t that one giant tweezer on his face?

  5. The clip of the bride and groom are in reverse, and that’s a VERY low dip. I’d have the same reaction and be afraid she’d drop.

  6. You can also just purchase a visa gift card and load that up with some money for restaurants- that way you won’t have to worry about cancelling or watching a card for theft :)

  7. Very cute outfit but a bit too casual for most work places. Def need a pair of tights and it’s bordering on busty (maybe a crew neck long sleeve or turtleneck underneath to make it work?)

  8. I know NYC is different, but I wouldn’t bother investing my own money for a place that I don’t own. Unless you can get in writing some deal that offsets how much money you put in, I would really either accept how it looks with simple DIY aesthetic add ons or find another place.

  9. Yeah, that’s too much. I agree with the paper trail, and start talking to the staff. Explain he’s making you uncomfortable and ask them to keep their eyes open.

  10. I’m going to ballpark that THAT thing is not functional. Look for other vented boxes and metal poles. Our heat is 1/2 vent, 1/2 scorching metal water pipe in the corner.

  11. Not justifying anyone, but I feel people would care more if landlords had a (friendly) face. So many companies owning buildings. But then again, a building is 30 million dollars, an apartment half a mil.

  12. I think the guy I ran into was the “building manager” and not the landlord (not sure of the difference). Regardless, I’ve run into the super and maintenance guys (at least 4 faces) many, many times so they’ve seen me with the dog.

  13. "In New York, in buildings where pets are prohibited, a landlord and its employees and agents (including the superintendent, doorman, and managing agent) must be ever watchful to see if any resident has violated the ban. A landlord will be deemed to have waived it right to enforce a “no pet” rule if the tenant has kept a pet “openly” and “notoriously,” the landlord or his agent has known or should have known of the pet for three months or more, and the landlord does not begin a court case to enforce the no-pet clause within the three-month window."

  14. Just live in Jersey City. People in NYC act like it’s Narnia. You’re a mile from Manhattan. You’re closer to “nyc proper” than parts of Brooklyn and queens. And you get more space for your money, and pay less in taxes and commuting.

  15. Have you spent any meaningful amount of time in “the neighborhood?”

  16. Our 5 year old Catahoula mix still does that and when she gets done scratching her back, she gets the zoomies.

  17. It broke my heart reading what you went through. I'm sure she forgives you. You should forgive yourself. You didn't know any better. You two loved each other a lot. You don't deserve to be tormented by this

  18. She knew you loved her. I’m sure she knew you didn’t mean any harm. When you’re unwell small things that shouldn’t upset you, upset you hugely for no reason.

  19. We might but none of the hotels have parking and it’s just more expensive

  20. Here’s the thing- I know you’re thinking of driving but you’re really not going to want a car IN the city/ Manhattan. Parking is incredibly expensive and a huge hassle.

  21. I would consider it “lowercase t” trauma. (Uppercase T being assault, abuse, etc).

  22. What you're wearing now, plus a light cardigan and a skirt above the knee would look professional to me.

  23. I disagree. The shirt is too sheer for business attire and clearly an athletic shirt. The pants are clearly yoga pants/ athletic pants and not an appropriate material.

  24. When they’re in “camouflage” mode, they basically just turn their snoots up and look away lol

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