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  1. I only recognize this car because of Gran Turismo 7 lol

  2. Looks like lack of RAM memory. Ios devices has really smakl amount of RAM, try closing all apps before entering game maybe that will help

  3. He accidentally swiped down the notification centre tab

  4. U got it backwards dude. Lol. It's the symbol then 1. Then again, typing it like that on here makes it bigger. Then again again, people tend to put the dollar sign after the amount, too

  5. There is people who sacrifice fun to win a dirty battle. Op, do whatever you want. I am not here to judge anyone how they play their game, if people hate it. Counter it instead of arguing it

  6. I play mnk on pc. There are plenty of people trying to get good that will match your skill level. I’ll admit, I’m not that good. On the contrary, I still meet people who are also trying to get good that are much worse off than me.

  7. Omg why you use xim on pc???? Thats like against ubisoft rules!!

  8. Where has it been proven that the genes affect peoples behaviour? The only current example of incarnation with ai's genes are ruby and aqua

  9. People do change, 15 years has passed. They adapt to different life style and yeah. Body as well. The only thing Aqua carry over is his medical field experience and he is still applying to be a doctor

  10. In case if you don’t know, the bonus is 825k. It is very easy to get since there are little to no off track course and wall grinding is simply fine

  11. Hitting walls and wall grinding does not affects Bonus, however. Going off the track a little or bump on the car (sensitive) will affects it.

  12. Wtf you guys already have gold? That’s some commitment right there

  13. Not the same credit level, but I bought the Toyota Alphard to complete the bonus menu and won a Toyota Alphard with the reward ticket.

  14. Someone stop this guy he is making his way into Legendary rank

  15. Already know when “ultimate tuner troll” is in the title it’s gonna be a dorky that dude in blue video

  16. The assassination syndicate seems pretty chill. Maybe you can like board or something

  17. I can touch over 1,000 keys and move them around, bet you can do that with keyboard?

  18. u can use 10 fingers on mobile but it's at th expense of your screen. meanwhile u can use 10 fingers on mnk without any issues

  19. How comes i never see people with MnK be this good sniping in CODM? Please show me a clip of it

  20. People decides to take pity on OP just because he is good, and people take pity on me because I’m bad. What do people expect others to be? A hypocrite?

  21. Did you not watch the video? First sentence in the video is him saying he's friendly. Then other team says ok sending invite. You can see him decline the invite. He kills while they're figuring out the invite. Mods praising toxic behavior and then chastising everyone for calling it out, are you going to do some self reflection? Look at the down votes, you're wrong.

  22. Why are you only targeting only OP for this, there are other thousands of players who does this without hesitation. And then people insult each other just because they have “skill issue” or they suck. So when someone is actually better than you, the response are “hacker” or just any bs reason like this god this sub

  23. It’s not my place to say but there could be people who never pay stuff?

  24. I mean it’s your cards, your call. There nothing bad will go on if you do

  25. I love these are a easter eggs or reference, really puts a smile on my face

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