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  1. From the browser, go in the history and you can delete individual episodes

  2. One Piece is only available in the language associated with your location, that's something that was decided by TOEI

  3. You can now switch between sub and dubs from within the player like on Funimation and they're improving the platform by implementing the most requested features. Not sure why you would rather have two separate services instead of waiting and having one service with everything, it sucks that you have to wait but at the end of it everything will be on CR, why go back? They even increased the amount of dubs they do every season.

  4. Are the transfers from funimation done ? They haven’t added any shows in a while

  5. They add some every week (except this one for some reason), they aren't done yet

  6. Wait so they are making one? Whenever this gets brought up the response is always that it is too much effort or something along those lines which makes it seem like they never plan to release one.

  7. I'm having the same issue. I can switch between dubs just fine on the app on my phone, but when I'm on my laptop I don't have the option to switch between the dubs at all, (even though the shows are labeled as sub/dub). I think it was a poor design to have each of the dubs listed as different seasons in the first place instead of just allowing people to change the language like on Funimation. It's super annoying. I've tried to use different web browsers but I keep getting the same issue. If you get an answer about how to fix it that would be great.

  8. Completely false, just look at subscription numbers of funi vs Crunchyroll back when Crunchyroll basically only had subs, it was 10x

  9. Except Funimation never publicly said their number of subscriptions so I'm not sure what you're talking about, not that it would matter since your comparison never made sense in the first place, since Crunchyroll is available worldwide, while Funi is only available in some parts of America, UK and Australia.

  10. Because the dubbed entry is counting every episode in every language, so it's 171 episodes in English, 171 episodes in German and so on

  11. Let’s see, for funimation being an old outdated app and suppose to be going to the new better marketed Crunchyroll platform it is missing a bunch of stuff that funimation has

  12. They're working on a Samsung TV app, the separate audio tracks system was recently added to the website and most series already have it (at least in my experience), while the android app got updated yesterday and got the same system which is the same as Funi, gotta wait for other platforms to get updated. Funimation won't come back, there's no reason to, all its series are going on CR.

  13. They really screwed me out of my 7 dollar promo price and never moved my senpai is annoying or dub one piece or cop show..

  14. Who is required to provide closed captions? Congress requires video program distributors (cable operators, broadcasters, satellite distributors, and other multichannel video programming distributors) to close caption their TV programs. FCC rules ensure that viewers have full access to programming, address captioning quality, and provide guidance to video programming distributors and programmers. The rules require that captions be accurate, synchronous, complete, and properly placed. In addition, the rules distinguish between prerecorded, live, and near-live programming, and explain how the standards apply to each type of programming, recognizing the greater challenges involved with captioning live or near-live programming.

  15. As far as I'm aware, they are only forced to to it for series that aired on TV. Either way they should've implemented them before, they're adding them right now but it's a slow process.

  16. Ctrl + Shift + R solved it. I wonder why I had the issue in the first place though...

  17. Most Visual Novels i've played do a better job at explaining what's happening

  18. The main issue with P3P is that it isn't even a VN, it's less than that. VNs actually take the time to explain things, have illustrations that tell you what's happening and such, Portable doesn't have that and I feel it would be so much better if it did, seeing

  19. Switch doesn't have a ps2 emulator

  20. Their filter for dubbed anime doesn't work, I would just ask someone on social media, like other people who use the platform or the Arabic CR account

  21. I think it is against their ToS to share your account with someone who doesn't live with you (same as Netflix), but even then I highly doubt that's why that happened, it's most likely a bug, you should contact support

  22. It is starting to get really annoying trying to find out which service has any given show in the first place, much less which versions they have. I am not paying for Ctunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu AND Hidive just to be forced to don an eye patch, feel me?

  23. Just use Livechart? It tells you on which service a series is for your country and if it's dubbed

  24. Seasonal show never drop uncensored unless specified on streaming platforms. Those are for home video release.

  25. There's a local company in my country that has it uncensored so I'm not sure why Hidive doesn't have it

  26. And it's a official licensing or they just rip off what online from the seed? What country?

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