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  1. The biology one is also the chem one. I think i listed the alternatives in the post

  2. Cant, you switch to something with more chem? If you like that more you should choose that. If you still want it to be Bio related choose Biochemistry.

  3. Nah this isn't university or smth. It's in the german school system, a kinda niche school (the Fachoberschule if you wanna learn more about it). Basically my options are either ABU (Agriculture, Bio- and Environment technology that's where i am rn), Health/Medicine, Social, Art, some economy shit or Technical (mostly maths and mechanics in physics). So this is the closest i'll get to chemistry

  4. Pretty sure that's not it. But i sleep the normal amount and just don't feel rested anymore. That's now like it for the past 3-4 weeks and it's getting annoying

  5. If you wanna know what it feels like, it either feels like someone is pushing your stomach or twisting your insides up, at least for me that is

  6. Thanks. That's a description that kinda helps ngl.

  7. But then stores will up the price to cover the stuff that goes stolen

  8. Then theyโ€™ll stop you because itโ€™s obvious

  9. You won't feel this way in ten years

  10. That's a mad assumption. You donโ€™t even know if they're alive in 10 years

  11. He is a teenager he will grow out of it

  12. Agree, but I lost at my 60 day streak and since then I haven't opened it again.

  13. That's kinda sad but i would most likely also give up after i lost a 60 day streak. But doesn't the give you these like streak freezes from default?

  14. You know the owl threatens your family if you stop using it each day right?

  15. Guess i'll better not displease the cute owl then

  16. Sorry, i'm getting off-topic, but libertarianism? I have never heard of that before. I know that if you take it strictly, this libertarianism/liberalism is like a previous evulotion of anarchism, but where do these 2 words come from? I always saw like liberalism as anarchism, in a capitalistic Environment, and this will always end up in whatever kind of shit the most of the World is stuck in. Or am I getting something wrong?

  17. libertarianism is essentially anarcho-capitalism. they believe in the right to a free market while there is no taxation and a weak or nonexistent government. they essentially want the whole of their country to become the wild west.

  18. Ah ok thanks for the explanation. However i believe you messed up the last Paragraph, you called it communism, while explaining socialism, because in communism, there isn't something like a 'market', neither is there a government.

  19. I had to learn sewing in elementary school for a bit, i think i still know the basics of it. Baking bread isn't really hard tbh, but i'm so bad at cooking. I always mess something completely up, it's so dumb

  20. You know just because you don't have work doesn't mean there's nothing to do. My partner's mom stays at home and she's the most busy person I know

  21. I know that there's still things to do. I still think it'd get boring after max some years

  22. In rl he/him but idrc about pronouns so i'd use any

  23. If there pronous involve an animal i aint respecting that

  24. In portugal no drugs are illegal. Because drug addiction is a medical problem and not one of the state

  25. Why would i? I already have it. It'd just take space away

  26. Should've done that. But if you Google smth like "jars of fears template" you'll probably get what you want

  27. Wait, the space force is a real thing? I thought it was just a suggestion when it was in the news lol

  28. Ey brudi/schwesti/geschwisterkindi auch mal wieder hier. Wie war Silvester so?

  29. there has not been to popes, the one who died sas the previous one who abdicted for health reasons a few years ago. so it's like an ex-president, he had no more power cause he wasn't pope anymore

  30. There have been 2 popes. One ex-pope, but still counts as a pope.

  31. German punkrock, some really weird german rap, dumb english anime rap (ik that's some serious weirdo shit), some anime intros to vibe to, and a bit of symphony rock

  32. Damn whats ur fav anime intro then?

  33. I really like the jjk one (kaikai titan by Eve) and the ylia intro, idk the name but it's by goose house

  34. Nah that's just the time. Come here when the americans wake up and this place is packed

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