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  1. Though he has the card, so he can technically join whenever he wants to.

  2. Was a seasonal in neon dawn. No more can you get it though

  3. I started listening to them in 2015 and I’ve gotta say they’re just as good now if not better

  4. I think current $b is a different beast. Off the drugs, evolved and still pumping 🤌🏻

  5. The fact that your body can have advancing cancer and you wouldn’t know it sometimes.

  6. I knew a co worker who died of a brain tumor and cancer. She was perfectly fine until one day there was a lump on her head that grew uncontrollably. At the point that the tumor was revealed visually, it was mearly fatal.

  7. In 2029, there is possibly a 3% chance of a massive meteor crashing on earth. If i do remember correctly, the meteor was researched and predicted to miss earth about one half of the distance of the moon. But that is only a prediction. On top of that, isn't it horrendously scary to think about seeing a massive meteor go across earth, knowing that could of his and killed us all?

  8. There should be a system where any third party adapter detected is instantly banned tbh

  9. Literally not an unpopular opinion but ok

  10. This subreddit is nothing but jokes and serious posts that look the same tbh

  11. Honestly, stadium isn't even that bad either. The only maps I just don't get along with are kanal, consulate and outback myself. Not saying that they are bad maps, just rough for me.

  12. Ok first off toth is fire cuz you literally just get to predict the future

  13. Jotoro's death prediction hinted 3 seasons before though 😭

  14. You think? He always tells me i have a pretty girly ass for a guy but just to annoy me i think

  15. No that's too far for the bro code, he wants that femboy ass

  16. Literally. I’m gonna be walking so slow with a trail of blood :(

  17. They'll probably take his baeliff away or increase the dash cooldown. Something stupid

  18. i know that but its still somewhat frustrating to have matchups like this every match. Its a real pain to win against something like this, which makes the game somewhat boring right now since almost every match is a lose.

  19. My biggest tip for you is to prefire the most common angles they hold. It will get you free kills against anyone. Just look at a vid or something and look at where they position themselves

  20. Well Im not to New to the game and all that so i know mostly where they sit and but it's still hard to win a match without proper backup or something. But i guess that's how it is nowadays

  21. Sorry, i saw copper and somehow thought of ranked 1.0. The game's more of teamwork, so i can see where you come from.

  22. Pinhead: Hoarder, the blindness hex, whatever can make them oblivious, and good old fashion merciless storm.

  23. I know hysteria is amazing on trapper because it makes them oblivious when they get out of a trap, but does it work for the chain rush thing when they don't find box?

  24. I don't believe it would unless you used a addon that may damage them, but I rarely use addons so I have no idea what any do lmao

  25. I just collect my addons lmao. Honestly, it might be worth a try

  26. I don't have it on me anymore, but just know that there is potentially a new album sometime may. Don't get your hopes up though

  27. may would be too soon no? considering they havent made any announcements or given any teasers or hints?

  28. Most artists, including tøp, tease about a month before the album

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