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  1. So glad someone said this. My all time favorite movie, and I never see it mentioned.

  2. I haven't seen it but spine 1, The Grand Illusion, is only on dvd.

  3. Favorite movie The Producers (1967), but Mel Brooks' second best to me is Spaceballs.

  4. Well I was asked for why I personally don't read online, so yeah they are subjective me problems.

  5. Citizen Kane's is really good. Of all the ones I have, it has by far the most special features. 3 discs of them. It's also amazing seeing it in such high quality because it has some of the most interesting camera work of all time, so I highly recommend.

  6. The Yojimbo/ Sanjuro box set is great. Never see people talk about the sequel but it's easily on-par with Yojimbo

  7. Lots of people get overrun by that. Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, and even Stevie Wonder and The Beach Boys get it a bit.

  8. Jack Stauber. His top 5 is 3 songs from one album and 2 from another. He has other albums, with songs just as good. Those 5 also sound quite similar, when he has some WAY different stuff on those same albums.

  9. This was my first Zappa album when my dad bought a record of it at a thrift store. Fell in love with it and it remains my favorite even after listening to half his discography.

  10. The Hateful Eight was Ennio Morricone's first and only oscar for original score

  11. Yeah, every movie has at least like 3 Ghibli references. Usually mechanical parts. I love catching them, never caught this one.

  12. Jazz From Hell by Frank Zappa from 1986 was made with synclavier, an old electric synthesizer music maker thing from the 70s. Some of the best displays of this were the songs "G-Spot Tornado" and "Night School".

  13. I don't think they would announce Stone Ocean because they already have their scheduled release pace, it's basically just them continuing the same series.

  14. He has collaborated with the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Jay Z, Lorde, Weeknd, Sia. He has reinvented himself with literally every album. His unreleased discography is hours long with many hits considered to be better than most artist’s their released work. He has been a pioneer in: Chipmunk soul sampling, pioneer in auto tuning his voice to use it as an instrument, has (executive) produced many popular albums of the the last 20 years(Whole Lotta Red, Daytona, Be), has been an icon in de fashion world for 10 years, started the sunday service and incorporated them into his music, bringing the best out of every artist he collabs with, even when their own work is quite mid, has arguably the most iconic discography from any artist in the last 20 years, every album having hit after hit. (Btw, he also worked on Industry Baby which was most popular song of the year)

  15. So well said. That's what I love most about him, his producing. He is for sure a top tier rapper, but he's nowhere near the best. Producing though.. he might be the goat.

  16. Woodstock does not get enough recognition. One of my favorite movies oat.

  17. Pom Poko has a lot of snow scenes. Then they are talking about surviving winter and when they push the caterpillar down the hill.

  18. I think My Neighbor Totoro fits into this category. While every movie has conflict. I think Totoro has an understated “conflict”

  19. For sure. This movie definitely meanders along. Some of my friends hate it for that, but that puts it near the top for me. Good choice

  20. You could try some manga or anime by Osamu Tezuka. He was a major inspiration to Miyazaki, and is considered the "Godfather of Manga". Dororo is one of his more Ghibli-esque that i've read.

  21. May be a silly question, but is this an adult book club? If so, what kind of adults are we talking? Tezuka spreads a wide swathe of genres, from really child friendly silly stories, to incredibly uncomfortable and mature stories. Also, are these manga readers or…standard novel people getting into manga? I’ll assume for adults and give a few recommendations based on some of the potential ups and downs of the series (all of these are in-print and easy to get ahold of):

  22. I haven't read Clockwork Apple, but Under The Air is my favorite anthology by him. It's like 12 stories or something but they are all short.

  23. Maybe do something like Apollo's Song or Ode To Kirihito, and then something like a volume or two of astroboy to get a range of his different types of content.

  24. Fireflies was a cry at the end for me, but lots of Ghibli films make me tear up throughout the movie. Totoro and Nausicaä I tear up a couple times, but Pom Poko has so so many moments that just make me so sad. I tear up like 7 times throughout probably.


  26. I only gave five stars 8 times out of 779 movies watched. They are Burning, Fellowship of the Ring, Perfume, The Wind Rises, Hell or High Water, Sound of Metal, The Red Turtle and Manchester by the Sea. These are the movies that I consider to be absolutely perfect.

  27. Lady Snowblood is a great samurai film, which also inspired Kill Bill which sadly isn't in the collection.

  28. I'd definitely recommend Yojimbo if you'd be in the market for more from Kurosawa

  29. So glad to see another Ghibli fan that doesn't worship Whisper of the Heart. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

  30. I'm a strong believer that movies can be ranked low, or have a low rating but still be perfect, and I think Whisper of The Heart is definitely perfect. However, it just doesn't go the extra mile for me to be an S or A. I love all the aspects of it and how the story kinda ambles along. There's a ton of little moments like the big clock or the guys and the main girl making a jam circle in the basement or the old man's backstory with the woman, that keep me hooked along just having lots of fun.

  31. Production of howls is definitely super strong imo, though it certainly gets messy with the lack of cohesion between its various ideas. Miyazaki picking it up along the way causes some tonal dissonance that made it hard for me to enjoy overall.

  32. I love to take everything off my shelf and reorganize. I do this with anything I have, be it manga or dvds or records.

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