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  1. I saw the full video. Not much happens. It’s a fish eater, so it didn’t tear his arm off. Just fucked up his hand pretty good. He definitely won’t screw with a gharial in the future.

  2. Yes he will. There's a news article on this and he said he didn't care about getting bit as it's already happened tons of times already, even in the face.

  3. Fuck, I forgot what these plants were. I got the plantsnap app on my phone and photographed one on my property a while back. I think it said Virginia something.

  4. You definitely should, they’re quick resets, even more so if you have more then one game. Looks good in a master ball too so there’s that.

  5. But I raise you the possibility of using a Cherish ball if you have a hacker that can supply them.

  6. I’m not sure if people like it when others bring up religion, but the Mormon church has a story about the founder when he had a bone cancer. He had to have his leg cut open and the bone sawed out while completely awake. He had a limp for the rest of his life.

  7. Wiimmfi developers working on adding the old 3DS/WiiU servers to their services list once people complain enough:

  8. Labradorite! The mineral is usually yellow, but the grey variant is more popular. The internal twinning of its crystals creates the refraction of light.

  9. Didn’t know people posted ads in here. Surely you’d have better luck in an rp subreddit, hm?

  10. It may as well be a ratsnake, because cornsnakes are very closely related! Beautiful coloration!

  11. The kid purposely skirted around parental controls to steal hundreds of dollars from his mom and he didn't know where it came from? Lol then why does he "ask" for 5 dollars here and there? Take the phone!

  12. This. I know she’s trying to be as patient of a mother as she can, but bro, your son fucking scammed you. Every kid on Roblox that uses their parents’ money knows where it comes from. And many will do exactly this.

  13. Everything except heresy items, broken items, and equipment. Strides of heresy is good if you’re wanting to hit Mithrix, since you can hit him once with a ranged attack after he steals your items and then use the strides to get in close range without his own bombs hitting you. Stacking the strides is highly recommended, as it increases the invincibility window.

  14. Definitely this. He saw something odd and thought someone was conning their way into free privileges. When he received an explanation, he understood and went on his way.

  15. It doesn’t work outdoors sadly, someone in this thread has suggested a solution tho. Thank you for your input!

  16. Dang, I thought it would work. Oh well, a solution is a solution and as long as it works, it’s good!

  17. Update: With the new patch, all the big hackers and crashers (like me) now have to start from scratch. So far the only people that can comfortably go ham are the shitty aimbotters, which sucks because the crashers used to keep them in check.

  18. There's nothing wrong with hand play if you set boundaries with the animal that only during play time is this acceptable. Cats bite and kick each other when play wrestling. Just be firm when they break the boundaries and there will be no behavioral issues

  19. Yeah if the cat gets too into kicking, I grab him on the back of the neck and remove my arm. It gives me just enough time to pull away before he snaps out of the scruff trance.

  20. when male cats bite your arm it's almost always because they wanna fuck

  21. Sorry for the late response. Yeah he’s been fixed. I just pestered him in the peak of a zoomies episode and he thought I was a greeble.

  22. Just a bunch of mica powder and dry ice to keep it moving. To be honest it looks really unappealing to drink and probably only exists since the gimmick gives it a high mark up. Mica is really fun to craft with, but personally I wouldn't want to be eating/drinking it.

  23. I went to a party where they had punch with this stuff in it. I believe it’s a type of sugar you usually put in vodka to make it sparkle like metallic silly putty.

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