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  1. At least, normally the 5s stops running well with aging batteries or nearly full storage like on the 16GB model. Although edit, yeah forgot about less available LTE in the UK and no voLTE.

  2. 5s has 4G so that shouldn’t be an issue with them getting 3G out

  3. Yeah I thought maybe a slice, but the whole thing? Are you even lactose intolerant at that point

  4. I totally get what you’re getting at but nearly every Lactose Intolerant person I’ve ever met has said “fuck it” and gambled their gut health on numerous occasions.

  5. Lmao yup. I had a cheesecake (whole thing. For six people) for lunch yesterday. It was delicious, but a couple hours later I was in the fetal position on the floor.

  6. i have a Core 2 Duo T5870 (Merom laptop architecture as Intel says) but I can't find any OpenCore plist creation page for that CPU family, they start from Arrandale. How should I proceed?

  7. As I recall, the D630 is pretty much the D620 with an Nvidia GPU, right?

  8. Sorta. Both the D630 and D620 were offered in two configs - one with an Intel iGPU and one with an nVidia dGPU. The difference between the D620 and D630 is that they are different model years. The D620 is 2006 and the D630 is the 2007 model that upgraded it to the latest generation of hardware available at the time.

  9. How did u got Merom Working? I have a Toshiba laptop with a merom cpu and i cant find merom in open core guide? I have been struggling with open core on merom and you seem to figure it out. Can you tell me how did u do it? I just wanna run yosemite or mountain lion on it. Thanks

  10. Just follow the Penryn guide. There’s no difference in the instructions for Merom and Penryn.

  11. Makes me want to try and get some flavour of OS X working on my Precision M90, although I think it only boots with one CPU enabled which is a bummer.

  12. I've got a Dell Latitude D820, which is the Latitude equivalent of the M90. It runs Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.6 great, but yeah, it needs to have only one core enabled to work.

  13. I've experienced both of those errors before, and neither is likely to be your problem. They've never prevented me from being able to get to the boot picker. There must be something else that is wrong. Mind sharing your EFI and detailed PC specs with me?

  14. Yes, I have strep throat at the minute and I'm so unwell with it.

  15. Strep sucks. I caught it a few weeks after heart surgery and genuinely thought I would die.

  16. Fergus Falls is a decently large town (14k people!) so there plenty of business. There’s even a Coca Cola plant! Sorry, I’m just excited about my town.

  17. Ah. Well, I don’t know what your political views are but rural Minnesota is very different politically from Minneapolis. My county, Ottertail County, has voted for a democrat president three times in 160 years, and one of those times was the 1860 election! We voted against Lincoln!

  18. It’s this disconnecting issue for GSM phones, if you have a VoLTE phone, put the sim in that then put it back in the 4s. Most likely will disconnect again though.

  19. It worked great for a few days, but disconnected after a while. How can I get it to reconnect? I’ve spent a week swapping it back and forth into a volte phone and have had no success so far.

  20. Put it in a VoLTE phone and then swap it into the 4s

  21. You can see if the 10% will work on it by getting to the last step but not clicking place order.

  22. Darn. Would I be able to buy it at full price online, return it in store, then buy it again in store and apply the 15% there?

  23. As someone who works customer service some days, most online orders that get returned in store cannot go back on the shelf or sold in person. They make us send it back to the warehouse. So that wouldn't work

  24. Shoot. I checked online and my 10% discount wouldn't work anyways since it's a Marketplace item, so I'll just wait until Black Friday or Christmas deals come.

  25. I was born in the 90's so I didn't really encounter a lot of her work growing up. But I recently went through a phase where weirdly, I was encountering so much of her work? literally everywhere!

  26. She did a great job with rock and American standards too - check out her album 'Mad Love' for the rock and 'For Sentimental Reasons' for the American standards.

  27. I'm pretty optimistic for Frisch but according to NYT/ABC

  28. Oofda, you're missing out on the first snow already. It's snowing up here in Fergus Falls and the rest of the area.

  29. Get off the caffeine. Seriously, your heart doc said no caffeine and you have conditions that makes it risky to stress your heart, so why are you constantly drinking it?

  30. I have ADHD and take 50 mg of Vyvanse for it. Getting rid of caffeine won't help with appetite stuff because of that, nor will it help drop my resting BPM and BP (which are normal anyways). Hell, I lost 60 pounds in two months (February and March this year) before I began drinking caffeine.

  31. i also had WPW. I think i first started feeling symptoms at your age. Randomly while exercising my heart rate would jump up to max (220 bpm for me) and stay there for a while. It didn't happen all the time for me, just occasionally. It was more likely to happen for me if i was really stressed or had too much caffeine.

  32. I was also pretty rare, I had accessory pathways on both sides. I've had a couple of ablations, none have been successful. The huge downside to me having an episode is that there isn't a safe way for me to end my episodes. I can't do the maneuvers anymore (the last ablation made it so they don't work) and I can't have adenosine, so I'd have to be shocked into rhythm by somebody. It's never had to happen because my episodes have been shorter (under 20 minutes now!) since I stopped riding my bike.

  33. Same here! Hopefully its a problem on their end and they'll fix it soon.

  34. Me too. Three people within half an hour is more than a coincidence. Something must be down.

  35. I live in Minnesota. During the winter, people often end up going to work/school at 8 AM in -25 F (or colder) weather with the sun up. Imagine how much colder it would be if the sun wasn't up yet. Imagine how much more dangerous it would be. Imagine how much more work/school would be missed because of how cold and dangerous it would be.

  36. Linda Rondstadt at 50Million? She's a great singer and all but most of her hits are covers

  37. That's probably why it was $50 million and not more. She's the 9th best-selling American woman in American music history, and 11th best selling woman in American music history. It was the rights to her recordings that got sold, including the many unreleased (so far) recordings. The possible sales from licensing, reissues, and the release of unreleased material could absolutely exceed $50 million with her history. Her new books and compilations still go up near (or to) the top of the Amazon and iTunes charts, so there's still demand for her stuff.

  38. I'm unfamiliar with this artist, how are they in 9th and 11th spot at once, or did you make a typo or something?

  39. Yup! Celine Dion and Rihanna both have her beat, and neither of them are American.

  40. dude, XP insecure? like, rly? nobody cares about XP any longer, besides majority of the holes already fixed decade ago, you won't find much of harmful code out there any longer - because of too low penetration already

  41. ...this was a 2 year old post. Where tf did you even find this? Also, my chipset didn't support a Pentium D. I actually was using a 65w 65nm Cedar Mill P4 HT. My PSU was a sub-200w one that absolutely wouldn't have been able to handle the extra 30w when combined with my GPU setup. I was already pushing it quite a bit. I switched to a Core 2 Quad a few weeks after this, then a Core i3-10100, and now I'm using a 2017 12" MacBook with an i5-7y54 and 16GB of RAM.

  42. Apple should be supporting the last version of OS designed for each of their phones as an "LTS" variant for an additional 3 or 5 years, and make the decision to upgrade both in the user's hands, explaining the risk, but also providing users the ability to downgrade to that LTS version at any time

  43. They already do that. The iPhone 5S (iOS 12) got a security update just a few weeks ago. They aren't updated super often anymore, but when there's a major vulnerability they do get an update.... which is exactly what an LTS variant typically does.

  44. Definifely, but I don't get the part where you say don't buy unless you need computing power. Isn't the need for computing power the sole reason of upgrading, other than flexing and simply wanting last gen(cray cray people)?

  45. Newer laptops have higher efficiency, longer lasting batteries, much better displays and faster storage, and output a lot less heat. And that's assuming you ignore the size benefits.

  46. Ah. I normally ask because I'm not sure how long I can hold out without some sort of treatment. And yeah, SVT absolutely sucks, but on the plus side I rarely remember how bad it is because I'm too scared, dizzy, lightheaded, and short of breath to remember anything. I remember it feels like a humming bird is in my chest and that there's a ton of pressure in my neck, and I remember that it always feels horrible, but I never remember what it actually feels like. Never had adenosine though! The valsalva maneuver worked 100% of the time for me before I had a failed ablation, but it's never worked since, but since the ablation the SVT episodes have only lasted a few minutes (and been more painful) and self-terminate into a really weird and irregular rhythm that's still faster than normal but not as fast as the SVT, which then ends after around 15 minutes. Since I'm 16 the doctors don't normally believe me since I'm normally able to terminate it before any EKGs can be done, but an EP study has confirmed all of this! WPW, AVNRT, ventricular triplets, and they suspect more.

  47. You sound like an interesting case! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, it's nice that you can feel what's going on. When did you have the ablation?

  48. May 18, 2020. I was sent to an EP by my cardiologist because of my family history and symptoms. There really weren't any signs of WPW on my EKG, except for possibly some very slight delta waves and an occasionally short pr interval. All 5 of my past holter monitors, event monitors, and Zio patches were totally normal. He just had a hunch and figured it was better to be safe than sorry. I started my propofol nap at 6 AM and they found the WPW right away. They didn't even have to give me adrenaline, I went into SVT completely on my own! They ablated that, then gave me adrenaline to see if they could induce SVT or if they'd fully gotten it. I went into SVT again, but the path it was taking was different this time. The EP poked a hole through some sort of wall in my heart (I can't remember because the EP explained everything in a hard-to-understand way when I had just woken up from anesthesia, all I remember was taking baby aspirin for a week and not being allowed to sit more than 15 minutes) to get to the other side, then found the AVNRT there. He tried to ablate that, but it was on a vein and so he didn't want to do too much in case it damaged it. He was able to partially get it, but he explained that I'd likely continue having symptoms and it might not have done anything to that part. I woke up 8.5 hours after it started, around half an hour after the procedure had finished. I had pericarditis on the day of and the day after the ablation. It was horrible. I could only take super tiny breaths, otherwise I'd feel extreme and excruciating pain in my chest and have palpitations. The breaths were so tiny that my oxygen levels were consistently 90 or below until the day after. I went home the day after the ablation and could hardly walk, and I couldn't turn my head at all. I assume this has something to do with me being strapped down for 8 hours when they were expecting it to be a 2 hour procedure. The second day after the ablation, I felt amazing. I felt like I could climb Mt. Everest. I felt great every day after that for a month. Then, palpitations. That freaked me out, but I figured it'd be normal to sometimes have palpitations. Except I kept having more, and they were getting worse. I was developing the same exercise intolerance that I'd had before the ablation, and by the start of September I honestly felt worse than before the ablation. My cardiologist didn't look too deeply into it and said it was anxiety, and so I believed him. A few months ago I started working, and that made the issues glaringly obvious. I'm a Walmart cashier and kept seeing my heart rate in the 180s and 190s while checking people out. All I was doing was standing and lifting light things. It was sinus tachycardia too, so not caused by my WPW. I saw a pediatrician in August, who took an EKG immediately recognized the WPW on it, and he gave me a two week Zio patch. I got the results back a few weeks ago, when a nurse called to refer us to cardiology. She said I had a "very rare" (she kept repeating that) type of ventricular triplet, but she didn't really explain anything. Being curious and slightly concerned, I googled it and saw that a ventricular triplet is some type of PVC and is typically not concerning. But the nurse kept saying it was a very rare type and I was being sent back to my cardiologist, so I don't know. I know that I always had PVCs during and after exercise, and they'd have seen that on the patch. The appointment is on December 6, so I'll have answers then. Either way, it makes a ton of sense! I've always had painful pounding in my neck when I climb stairs or do any sort of activity, and I've always got that painful pounding in my neck and get short of breath when laying flat on my back, and after a while of that I get palpitations. I hate visiting the dentist because of that. Apparently PVCs can cause that sensation.

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