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  1. Pizzas from Brazil don't seem so criminal now hahahahaah

  2. I drink squash and fizzy drinks. I occasionally drink a hot chocolate to feel like an adult with my costa cup.

  3. 😂😂 yeah hot drinks do not quench your thirst that's for sure. But neither does a luke warm cold drink for me 😂

  4. 😂😂 yeah hot drinks do not quench your thirst that's for sure. But neither does a luke warm cold drink for me 😂

  5. Korean beauty regimes feel like something out of the Hunger Games. Fuck that.

  6. We have ventilation like everyone else, they are positive pressure rooms but still: I wear an n95 mask and a mask over that, I work 12 hour shifts, doesn’t change what I originally said.

  7. Your ventilation is not like everybody else's either. You're in an operating room it's medical grade.

  8. Err has no one seen Graham Hancock? This is from the Younger Dryas period.

  9. No because I believe the queues should be ordered by medical priority not the ability to pay.

  10. The machine would be completely private. Nothing to do with the NHS in any capacity.

  11. You expect a GP to do a consultant’s job and analyse the results? It’s not a 10 min job, you know - and they don’t train consultants for years & years for nothing…

  12. No sorry, as in get the GP to push it along to consultant etc

  13. I worked in China in the factories doing exactly this. Pretty much everything produced has a CE mark and it's up to code. It cost about £500 for the factory to get this.

  14. Tell your mum you’ve been pissing in the sink at home since you were tall enough. That will give you the answer you’re looking for.

  15. Did you discover this as you entered the work toilets?

  16. We are not so repressed anymore. You got Reddit and only fans to show off your dangles

  17. I guess that since practically everyone has a HD camera in their pocket nowadays, you risk being exposed to the whole internet instantly as opposed to having your jewels only burnt in the memory of those who saw you in person.

  18. Yeah that's that as well, really plastered for ever and not just a moment.

  19. I've worked in places where management takes a management fee. We only received 40% of what the service charge was. We were a bar in the city. I would only ever pay cash tips directly to the person.

  20. The V is a lot smaller and lighter. I love the WCL on the V. I really like 27mm äquivalent, more than 35mm, but unfortunately Voigtländer does not offer a 18mm. It is also easier to habd over to strangers or non-enthusiast. For low light I prefer the Pro, though.

  21. So when the voigtlander 27mm comes out would you be willing to give up the x100v?

  22. So old black cabs on the road don't pay ULEZ and the old cabs don't even meet basic emissions for the UK. The black cabs make up for 20% of nitrogen oxide in central London.

  23. Looks pretty decent! Well bloody done. Internal corners are always an absolute killer.

  24. Okay, so I have to really push with this. Thank you for the heads up!

  25. They just got back to me today, gave me a number and just said sorry the investigation is now closed because there was no cctv. I just want them to follow up with the auction house. Honestly what a joke.

  26. Okay I understand. Thank you for the advice. I will make sure I regularly chase this up.

  27. Lol this is a joke, the police got back to me and just said the investigation is closed. They didn't even bother looking at the new evidence. I am genuinely so angry.

  28. Did you ever contact Rolex and register it on their lost and stolen register?

  29. Yes I did. But apparently that only works if they go in for a service.

  30. Like it's been said above, rip it all out. This could take you days of work to get this dried adhesive all off. Then after that I would be surprised that the dulls of becoming dull etc from all of the scratching and Brillo padding it off.

  31. Yes i’m very tempted to contact my high school and ask them about it, i was waiting for the university but i might just call the high school tomorrow

  32. What about facebook sleuthing or instagram? I'm sure if you spend enough time you will find them

  33. The auction house will have the name of the person that put it through to the auction but that's about it.

  34. Yeah it's all been reported. Been in contact with the police and the auction house today. The guy at the police station sounded like something would be done. But I understand there are many layers to this and there are more important things going on than some lost watch.

  35. Yeah just buy the ones from TT artisans they stick on with a little bit of 3m.

  36. If you are manual focusing it's not the easiest. If you are using auto focus not an issue.

  37. I do and still the quality is not great. If you've used a proper SLR back in the day or a modern Canon r7 this thing is a joke. I just end up chimping the whole time now.

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