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  1. Typing this from the work bathroom where I’m getting paid to shit, that’s the American Dream right there baby

  2. Every time a big name indie act announces a tour and needs an opener, Bartees Strange’s eyes start glowing and his body starts levitating

  3. Quasi and Bat Fangs killed it, as expected. Janet Weiss remains the GOAT. They also covered The Breeders, a rare win for Ohio.

  4. finally got around to the seu jorge cover of Life on Mars and golly it might be the best one

  5. I'm normally a staunch Weezer hater, but their cover of Velouria by the Pixies is a favorite of mine.

  6. Seeing Dry Cleaning live is a great experience, there's something great about having Florence Shaw stand at the mic and making grimaces while the rest of the band does some properly flashy rockstar action stuff. The songs are all amazing live as well, really coming alive on stage.

  7. Her facial expressions were top notch when I saw them last year. Plus she invited some guy in the front row who was singing every word to come onstage, and said “I can’t believe you have it all memorized, it doesn’t even rhyme.”

  8. this is kinda wild considering how big country and southern accents are in their music. they’re too cool to be from across the pond, just cool enough to be from North Carolina

  9. Yeah, but British/non-southern musicians doing southern accents to seem folksy is a storied tradition going back to Mick Jagger

  10. Can't really say I blame him considering Chris and Tina seem to spend most of their time these days publicly slagging off David Byrne - wasn't there some interview where Tina mocked him for being (probably) autistic and then implied he was a serial killer? Just seem like really bitter people who can't deal with the fact that DB managed to have a longlasting career without them

  11. She made some kind of reference like "I heard a rumor that he used voodoo to kill a kid in Brazil," but it didn't really sound like she herself believed it. At least I certainly hope she didn't.

  12. The Red Hand Files are a treasure trove. He once went into a serious consideration of whether or not the ending of Stagger Lee was an actual gunshot or an orgasm, and ended it by saying that he regretted that he never fucked Blixa Bargeld.

  13. Really tired of Nick Cave’s stupid hot takes on things he just doesn’t like. Great musician. Must be a complete joy-kill to be around, though.

  14. Nah, he always struck me as an extremely funny person. Nobody who writes the line "an ashtray as big as a fucking really big brick" can be that much of a killjoy.

  15. my most conservative opinion is that I think Tik Tok should be banned

  16. I think it should be available but that no human being should use it ever. I don't think I've ever once seen a tiktok that I enjoyed in any way.

  17. Living in Columbus where no bands come, I have suffered more than Jesus Christ

  18. He may or may not be indicted but he does have the #1 track in the country

  19. He also wrote some pulpy sword and sorcery back in the 60s and 70s, basically a Conan clone named Brak. I read one, it could be hit or miss with quality, but a fun read overall.

  20. I keep meaning to try and get my hands on copies of his Brak stuff. A lot of the sword and sorcery pastiche from that era seems pretty difficult to find in physical. I've been trying g to find Karl Edward Wagners KANE for a decent price ;__;

  21. I found the first Brak book at Half Price Books for about $7-8, and I think there might also be some cheap copies on ebay. Kane is a little trickier, a few of them I got on ebay for $20-30 each, the others I got lucky and saw at Half Price Books for only $3 each, I couldn't believe my luck. I guess my point here is that if there's a Half Price Books in your area, always scour the fantasy/SF section.

  22. For me, this is one of the all time greatest NWOBHM songs, up there with the best Iron Maiden and Angel Witch material.

  23. They’re playing Big Star in the airport. As Memphis should. Love my city.

  24. Imagine you land in Memphis for a nice relaxing vacation and they're blaring Alex Chilton mournfully singing Holocaust over the PA

  25. Cut by The Slits is such a fun album. When the singer literally pisses herself in the studio in the middle of the song, that's how you know the band is putting the work in.

  26. You know, someone recently asked my what the worst gig I had been to was, and I said “The Cure in 2012. They played for three hours and I couldn’t move my neck the next day. BUT…”

  27. ...Why was Dave Grohl frenching a blow up doll, may I ask?

  28. As talk of Gladiator 2 seems to be ramping up, everyone should revisit Nick Cave’s attempt at writing a sequel that was commissioned by Russell Crowe, called Christ Killer.

  29. Been on a big Vaselines kick lately. Like many people, I discovered them through Nirvana’s covers of their songs, and I love it. Monsterpussy is the best song about wanting to kill a cat that I’ve ever heard.

  30. More bands should sound like the Young Marble Giants

  31. Very informative article about a truly incredible band. If anyone here hasn't checked them out, go listen to Ugly right now and rectify that.

  32. If Weezer is dad rock then Train is mom rock

  33. The day I heard Train’s cover of a Bob Mould song was the day something inside me died

  34. for sure The Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future! i think that the first movie was great, and the new movie on hbomax has me wanting to do a rewatch as well. feels like i took enough of a break that now it's the perfect time.

  35. I'm not about to go get humped by a giant red gorilla in space

  36. Watched the last hour or so of the Oscars last night and it was pretty good. They might have gone a bit overboard with awards to EEAAO but it deserved most of it. Banshees deserved more but at least Brendan Fraser won for The Whale. Also, I hate Jimmy Kimmel and am disappointed a pretty good animated short called My Year of Dicks didn't win.

  37. Kimmel is so obnoxious. Malala was clearly not having any of his bullshit.

  38. Tourists at Yellowstone watching a herd of bison graze:

  39. Sufjan should've worn the giant fingers when they let him perform a few years back

  40. I'm sure Samia is a good musician (haven't listened) but for some reason it's the funniest thing in the world to me that her mom is Peggy Hill

  41. Cover songs that don't exist but that you would like to hear. Mine:

  42. Pedal Steel Enthusiasts of Indieheads! What is your favorite moment of pedal steel guitar? Can be something dropped into an indie track, a classic country song, ambient-country - I just feel like some steel today.

  43. I always enjoy it when Thom has a substantive guitar part in a Radiohead song, because it means that when they do it live Ed is relegated to playing bongos or blowing in a jug or something for five minutes

  44. Everyone always talks about alternative streaming services, but you know what’s never let me down (besides CDs)? YouTube. Plus there’s all sorts of weird shit not on Spotify.

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