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  1. As far as that oil pump goes. If it is a two stroke motor this is a pretty standard after market fix for problems that oil injected two strokes run into. However it does mean that you need to know how your engine is being oiled, which likely is adding 2-stroke marine engine oil directly to your fuel any time that you add gas to the boat. This means knowing what ratio of fuel to oil you need which is likely 25 to 1. Failure to do so will lead the an eventual failure of your power head.

  2. Minor quakes it wouldn’t be unheard of albeit very rare. Strange either way.

  3. it does sound like a small earthquake. you can totally hear the bass rumble before you can feel them. (I used to live in California.) ever since the derecho stuff like that really freaks me out!

  4. ...the narrative is he is alive and well though, and ever since he came out of the hospital, any photos of him are in a hoodie and you can never clearly see his face...I'm not big on sports but this story definitely has something more going on.

  5. Not to negate what you said, I hadn't seen those. But as someone else has brought up, the hoodies and hiding of the face has been when he is out in public. These posts could have been pre-recorded. Also there is the option of a deepfake video.

  6. They turned dark because they are now completely covered in black spores.

  7. I thought that was Ricky from Trailer Park Boys for a second.

  8. One of the guys from reservoir dogs is who I thought of, but yeah looks like Ricky lol

  9. The 911 thin is the only thing that really is a very strange coincidence. The rest can very easily be explained as just part of the depths the movie was intended to have right from the outset.

  10. You've got more free time than me apparently. I'm jealous.

  11. Smoke cigarettes you’ll have heaps of breaks to go and stare at the sky

  12. Eh I use a vape, swapped cigs for vaping 10 years ago. Don't enjoy cigs at all anymore.

  13. ... it's funny because the older I grow, the less fucks I give about anything. However I still do pay attention to it because I like to be prepared. However I do believe that most people are more in tune than you think...they just don't openly discuss it. Things that are discussed here can cause existential dread within anyone if you read enough of it. And believing that you can do anything to stop TPTB can cause some serious issues when it comes to being a "normal" person.

  14. Your graph shows a doubling of life expectancy from 1860 to now...I'd call that a pretty serious increase in life expectancy.

  15. Hmmm good to know that in the case of a 5000 warhead event...we are all fucked. Lol

  16. Idk about 80% but a large amount are certainly bots

  17. After almost no consideration I have decided to not to receive this boat! Thank you for the advice :)

  18. It might be best you pick up a few books on the subjects at hand and do the research yourself here.

  19. To be fair the smoke trail doesn't look like a contrail. Looks like the trail a rocket leaves.

  20. If you think that the president has any real control over what the fed does don't understand how the fed works. Also the fed had plans for rate hikes in advance of COVID...then COVID happens and it went yeah .... It's been planned since before Biden. Don't misunderstand me I'm not saying it's trump's fault either... I'm saying the fed is to blame.

  21. Yes you need the cut. Without it your myc won't do much of anything.

  22. Thanks for the warning. I'm only planning to keep PRL shrimp in this. If I mixed in ecomplete could I use root tabs for nutrients? Pretty sure itll be hard to replace substrate that has a carpet in it

  23. The soil you have has nutrients in it, but root tabs aren't a bad idea, if you wind up with a dwarf sagittaria carpet which I highly recommend as it's super easy to get a full carpet with in a pretty short span even without CO2, you probably don't need the root tabs. Sag grows like crazy.

  24. Just a heads up. Keep an eye on this substrate. I had it in on of my tanks, and after about a year about 30% had turned to pure mush... And if a fish or anything stirred the water over top of it, it became a cloud of nasty muddyness that can really piss you off.

  25. We had a guy killed by being blown up in a gas explosion at a house. We had 2 employees on a construction site killed by a gunman who then killed himself. We had a director who was driving to the airport for a business trip killed by a truck tire going through his car. Those are the worst ones I know about.

  26. A long time employee was cutting corners while cleaning around an injection plastic molding machine. He put his hand up into part of the machine to remove scrap parts, mold opened.

  27. I actually just posted my tank about five minutes ago check post history lol

  28. I don't think it's hated as a plant... It's hated when trying to remove it though.

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