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  1. anyone know what gakpo’s odds were for golden boot before the tournament? i doubt anyone took it but had to be crazy high

  2. With Depay back starting it looks a lot less likely because Gakpo played deeper the whole match.

  3. Get all the possession and then when the other team gets the ball and turns you around a couple times you're caught off guard and disorganized because you're not in a defensive mindset. Gotta be able to mentally flip that switch when necessary.

  4. That's... Why teams bunker. I'm sad tired of reading this criticism. It works against every team. Costa Rica sniped Germany twice that way, and the skill gap there is way wider.

  5. As a Canadian I feel with a different group we could've done so much better. If we got drawn with England, US and Iran we would've had a shot to maybe even come 2nd. I mean it still would've taken some great luck, but we beat the US in qualifying and probably could've given Iran some trouble.

  6. I think we made extremely poor tactical decisions which if made correctly would have given us an outside chance. The minnows that went through - Japan, SK, Australia - knew how they needed to play against tough opponents to get a result. We tried to impose our game on superior opponents with predictable results.

  7. They invite other teams and there are rumours of Canada going

  8. Eustaquio will be out for Canada tmr. Not saying he matters the most for Canada, but still he is a valuable key piece for their mid fielder line.

  9. Great FD boost at 3.4x just came thru - Leafs 1st to 5 shots and Matthews goal.

  10. Saudi Arabia HAD to get the goal at the end to kill me u2.5 parlay in both matches.

  11. Southgate is just preparing England to play for and lose on penalties again

  12. High chaos factor IMO but leaning Portugal. I parlayed o3.5 cards and o7.5 corners for +100.

  13. We were too late to make changes when the tide was obviously turning. That's my main gripe with Herdman. It's unlikely but we would have at least a small chance of grinding through if we just added another man in the midfield. Davies taking the penalty in game 1 was also a mistake. We do those two things differently and the outcome is likely the same, but there is a possibility we get a point from Croatia, a point or even possibly a win against Belgium.

  14. Buchanan, Eustaquio, and I think Richie proved he can handle the game at a higher level.

  15. Wake up to find Japan rested guys as it wasn't a must win the second game of the WC.

  16. For now took Japan -1.5. Costa Rica are truly horrible. They'll be even slower today IMO.

  17. Leafs Pens o6.5 seems like a no-brainer. DeSmith is poor and Kallgren is a nightmare.

  18. Beautiful shot finding a way through and putting it right in the corner

  19. Best of luck to you as well. Man that’ll be a sweat, I thought France’s attack looked good. Only England and Spain looked as good as France on the attack in their first matches

  20. It's hard to say because Mbappe/Dembele are beasts against pretty much every team, but Australia are also nowhere close to France's level. Mbappe won't get around the back of Denmark at will like he did against Aus. But they could also paste them 5-0 if everything goes right.

  21. Argentina looked confused Mexico isn't giving them any time on the ball and they keep playing as if it's going to be different next time. No fight or ability to adjust the attitude/gameplan.

  22. appreciate the reply for transparency. Im well aware of that but with current form combined with play styles i’ve seen in this tournment as well as previous few games leads me to believe france will have no problem putting them away. BOL IF TAILING!

  23. I agree France looked good but Australia are fucking terrible. Just as much a case of them having nothing as France being good.

  24. by that logic didnt the aussies bust beat the same team denmark drew against?🧐🧐

  25. It's partly the result partly the way they played/how dominant they were

  26. lol dude watches one game and instantly calls it the most boring sport.

  27. Tbf I get that if you have the day off today America fuck yeah is playing against England you'd feel like you wasted your time tuning in if you're not a fan of the sport. Maybe Southgate is playing the long game though, he wants to keep it unpopular in the US.

  28. TBH England looked exactly like they did in the Nations league lol

  29. I don't think we're disagreeing, shitty matches happen and this was one of them.

  30. England obviously playing conservatively to guarantee the point but going forward in this tournament it will harm the team

  31. Isn't this how Southgate always plays in knockout competitions - don't concede and hope for a set-piece goal?

  32. They score tons of set pieces but they're usually enterprising enough to earn them at least lol

  33. Amazing watching our boys making KdB mad as fuck and crunching in on these Belgium players who thought we'd be pushovers. So proud. Watched at a bar with a ton of people who aren't soccer fans and they were pumped at how they rose to the occasion. Genuinely inspiring.

  34. how do people make money betting on this sport... good lord

  35. Thought the match was actually interesting from a tactics standpoint but no it wasn't very exciting lol

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