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  1. She has a good voice tho🙄 have you listened to her Sparks EP?

  2. I love her music 1000%, and IDK why that one line just sets me off though. My favorite solo song by her is definitly "Starstruck Fiction".

  3. Not necessarily "Christian" but they have God-honoring lyrics: Twenty-One Pilots. IDK if they are "classic" rock, but they are rock. Try Scaled and Icy for a more general rock sound, but if you're feeling brave, venture into their other albums.

  4. Remixing could teach you the elements of what a song is made up of and how it was arranged, which will give you good building blocks for your own productions, BUT nothing is stopping you from just jumping right into making your own stuff, its much easier that you would expect. You don't need to know music theory or how to mix properly, just start pushing keys and let your ears tell you what sounds good. Watch tutorials and have fun!

  5. I love that song as well, and love the almost tragic lesson of chasing fame that is in it.

  6. It seems that your criteria only fit books about young protagonists, would you consider fantasy that would be just age-appropriate but not about children to be ok?

  7. The Door Before by N. D. Wilson contains trees that act as portals and do other things. The MC can manipulate plant matter and stumbles across trees that teleport what is inside of it.

  8. I found it annoying when I mostly read, but actually like it quite a bit since going over mostly to audiobooks. Quality of the narraror helps, i imagine, but i think in-world swears help with worldbuilding. Like a good religion for the setting, or good maps.

  9. I understand in-world swears, but I've never gotten invented swears in situations on earth.

  10. I absolutely agree with the first part. I was homeschooled as a kid, using Doug Wilson’s curriculum, and although I don’t agree with everything in it, the idea of focusing on ancient classics is sound, and I think it’s had a good effect on me. And I’m pretty sure that if I had never read N.D. Wilson’s books, I wouldn’t be nearly the person I am today. They’re truly amazing. I used to recommend them to anyone who would listen.

  11. I'm just a random interloper who's never read ND Wilson, but both you and OP might be interested in

  12. This is awesome! I totally agree with the first two, but then I think "i must be dreaming" and "chameleon" are my second two favorites.

  13. Boys of Blur by N. D. Wilson. A kid and his family move to a small Florida town, but monsters lurk in the swamps and among the townsfolk. ~200 pages, Urban Fantasy, and interesting topics.

  14. Those are great books, highly recommend anything by Wilson!

  15. I picked option one, but (if there was more options), I'd pick "No, because music is Young's passion".

  16. It isn't just the Taco Bell sauce packets. In fact there is a whole Taco Bell saga from Tyler Joseph from the band Twenty-One Pilots!

  17. each original dmaorg letter had a date attached, and if i remember correctly the first one had josh's birthday.

  18. yep, just put the link in the wayback machine.

  19. Showdown by Ted Dekker: A stranger who claims to be a preacher from God appears in a small town and slowly begins to enact a sort of mind control on the residents. Meanwhile, in a monastery, several children find magical books in the basement. Books that have the power to make things come alive. It wasn't a horror book, but I squirmed through several parts of it. Worm slime and warts are eaten, dreams and reality seem to merge, and few individuals have the ability to stop the strange wave of events.

  20. Like many others have said, it is how far do you want to go? Two of my favorites that don't involve world-ending plots are

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