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  1. Maaaan you gotta get one of those hitch lock boxes. Game changer

  2. They figured out how to get through them in SF and a bunch of cars were stolen.

  3. Brazil. State of Maranhão Public Defender’s Office. Jury Trial Division (in Brazil, only intentional crimes against life are submitted to jury trials).

  4. Taking a vacation in Mexico City and saw this sign! I haven’t much considered the work of PDs outside the US. Any comrades outside the US in this sub? I imagine it’s similar but harder.

  5. As a kid who moved from CA to Cincinnati at 4 years old, this movie was core. I got DEEP into rollerblading - and I’m sure this is why.

  6. Hello, I am a current undergrad who will be graduating year and I'm considering attending law school to become a public defender after taking a few year's break from school. Does anyone have any recommendations for jobs I can do with a bachelor's degree that will (A) help me understand if PD is the right career move for me and (B) give me some experience that will look OK to law schools and future employers? The public defense offices around me aren't currently hiring assistants or investigators. I was thinking about something adjacent to social work (although obviously, I don't have a master's in social work). Maybe something in community outreach? Or would it be better to get a job as a paralegal in an unrelated area of law, just to get a sense of how the court system works?

  7. Paralegal would be good. It’s good to see how other lawyers operate, and they’ll serve as mentors and models. Also public defender may not be your last job in the law (and that’s ok).

  8. I'm contemplating a career change away from software development. I have a year's worth of experience and don't really enjoy it nor do I feel fulfilled despite the money. Two of the potential career pivots that I have thought about are becoming a teacher and becoming a public interest lawyer, specifically a public defender. I have tutored kids in the past and was thinking of substitute teaching to see if I would be interested in becoming a teacher. In the same vein, is there anything I can do to familiarize myself with the work that public defenders do? I have volunteered for tenant advocacy and other causes so I know I am interested in helping indigent people but I am unsure if I would be interested in the day to day of a lawyer.

  9. You don’t have to quit your day job. Financial stability makes everything easier, and you can do law school at night. If you’re making money with a low-stress job, it’ll make law school much less oppressive.

  10. I never know what music to use in these haha. I tried a bunch of songs and this one felt like it worked the best. 🤷‍♂️

  11. Nothing personal. It must be impossible to choose a song to match your shredding.

  12. Yeah no worries haha. I've found just because a song is good doesn't mean it'll match the flow, rhythm and general vibe of any given ski clip. Much respect for the people who make ski movies for a living because they are really good at this, much better than me.

  13. Jeff Adachi died of heart-related issues. A few hours before his death he congratulated me on a tough trial win in an email, which I still have posted on my wall.

  14. I've had a Crosstrek for 3 years and just realized that I could fit my boards 9'2 and 9'6's in my car just like the OP. I've had racks on all my cars for years and never even considered putting them in my cars. It took saving money on gas to make me be more practical. Don't have to spend any time strapping my boards to the racks anymore.

  15. The hatchback Impreza (which is the same as the crosstrek) can do a 9’6” with extra, possibly 10” but untested.

  16. Sayulita. Wanted to love it but everyone got super sick even eating smart, crowded line up where no one knew any etiquette, and the barnacles at the break shredded our feet. It was a very cool town though, friendly enough locals, easy to get to. Was probably an amazing spot ten years ago.

  17. Shitty lineup. It’s full up with locals who don’t give a shit about your vacation.

  18. Why should they care about your vacation? Sounds like a nice privilege to be there at all.

  19. I’m not saying they should, but it makes it shitty to surf with them dropping in. I’m not going to make a scene, but I’m not going to be happy about it.

  20. Yes and you can read books on your phone, which is better than some apps…

  21. And people will call you a Kook if you wear a helmet

  22. The process seems to go, massive head injury, then helmet after at least from what I see around here.

  23. I am already prone to concussions from a car crash, so even smacking my head on the water with some speed can ring my bell. Add it up over a long surf career and I’ll be Junior Seau, which is worth avoiding. Also it’s easy to pick me out of a lineup.

  24. If you’re not getting objections you’re not pushing hard enough

  25. Drowning would be a shitty way to go. Especially if everyone you know knew you can’t swim.

  26. Think about where you want to live and be. Your job will be a huge part of your life, but only a part.

  27. Definitely. I could see myself in MD the most. Im also looking at DC im in the Midwest right now and I definitely want a change.

  28. If you have the means, maybe clerk out there or work as a paralegal to decide if it’s where you want. You don’t want to retake the bar in multiple places.

  29. I’m not suggesting making it private, my solution would involve work moderating to determine whether the post was written by a prosecutor.

  30. Just flag it for deletion. Mods will consider. Didn’t get any alerts on the AMA and there were a lot of responses so I didn’t see an issue.

  31. By the time I saw it there were 200 comments and I figured it wasn’t worthwhile to do so, I just ignored it and kept it pushin. I wasn’t exactly sure that it would be taken down as there is no specific rule banning these types of posts but it does seem off topic.

  32. [[of one mind]] should be main deck. I play with [[vapor snag]], as well, which also acts as a counter spell.

  33. It’s all about out-hustling your competition bruh. If you don’t got that dawg in you, first you have to get that dawg up in you. Start every day with a workout while reading Aurelius, then a cold shower, then a solid breakfast shake to get ready for the day. Bananas - one frozen, one room temp - nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, one cracked egg (or two). Slam that, then have your coffee. You have to take your coffee seriously if you’re serious about the hustle. So grind fresh daily, and do that pour over. 2 minute steep, minimum. Without caffeine, you’re not going to have that dawg in you, which you need to out-hustle. Then you rock block. One solid hour of hustle - email inbox at zero in the first 10 min, outreach and networking for the remainder of the hour. Your network is your net worth. Then meet up with your network for lunch to continue networking, all hustlers like you. Maybe lubricate your process with a drink or two, and maybe that rock block lunch turns into a two hour brainstorming sesh. Empires are born in this cauldron. After that you’ll need to wind down, so do something that relaxes you, like taking a drive in one of your cars or popping a Xanny. Work hard play hard. Then back at it. Inbox 0, bruh. If you’re really hustling hard that’ll be done in 5, maybe 10 minutes, then back at it, making moves. That should fill each day. Brick by brick you’ll get it. They’ll say it’s quick cash, but really it’s building an enterprise. Settle in with a dinner of your choosing with your chosen family - the ones that support your lifestyle. It’s easy bruh, once you learn to build your brand from the bottom.

  34. People were so quick to blame San Francisco.

  35. There is no such thing as an intelligent waiver of your right to remain silent.

  36. Get high. Go to the de Young. The observatory is free - you don’t have to pay for the museum to ride the elevator up. Get more high. Go back down the elevator. Go to the de Young sculpture garden, also free. Go to the corner, walk through the tunnel. Walk around and in the Turrel Scyscape.

  37. It’s a pretty reliable p1p1 in my pauper cube and even is playable in my powered vintage cube.

  38. It's the only card besides Monarch cards I am hesitant to include in my Pauper cube as it invalidates basically every other combat-oriented creature and can be played by any deck.

  39. Yeah we were getting rid of obvious p1p1s for a while. If cube cobra wasn’t down I’d send my summary of the changes

  40. I’ve played around with chat gpt and it doesn’t know the difference between me and the DA. It’ll improve and we should embrace it. If anyone needs AI to do the work of 10 people for sure it’s Pds.

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