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  1. This sounds interesting. Is this particle related, geometry, or a mix of everything?

  2. Hello, I've written them to work with just the points of the input geo, ( and triangulate the prims and store them as sets of three points)

  3. I was thinking of just putting up the scene file on my gumroad, for like 5 bucks or something.

  4. Thanks for your answer. I tried, but it has only one output so I don't see how it could help me.

  5. How about reversing the flow ? Make the desired outputs before the switch node and select them based on your criteria ?

  6. Timelapse demo with symmetry on for upcoming Scales release v1.1. Took about 45 minutes to make the scales from scratch 👍😄

  7. And now I, a year later, reply to you in an eight year old thread.

  8. Maybe I missed something but I found it very odd that after the reveal, everyone remained strangely comfortable being in the presence of the murderer. You'd think they'd incapicate or restrain the murderer.

  9. Because it’s all “circumspective” evidence, they really don’t know if Bron murdered Duke for certainty. Plus, they’re a bunch of shitheads.

  10. higly "suspectial" evidence indeed :p Except for the fact that he shot the twin sister with the intent to kill, so there's a loaded gun still there somewhere, used already..

  11. I thought he looked like a discount The Rock. The Stone maybe?

  12. On of my favourite movie of that year, the scene at the Mexican birthday was beautiful.

  13. Any nauseating camera tricks such as shaky cam or frequent cuts.

  14. People firing off shotguns one handed, the victim flies off ( prefererably through a glass window) but the shooter is magically spared from any kind of recoil.

  15. He's playing the Velociraptor.

  16. Congratulations! Finally it is out!! Is it possible that you would make a separate licensing for FX users? Say a small studio company may benefit from this?

  17. Damn, I have my Indie licensed for iMac. So it’s useless to work with that awesome asset.

  18. oh I see. yeah, i don't know if it would actually work on mac, it's untested. Thanks !

  19. Removed for Rule 7. No ads or free downloads that also lead to paid content.

  20. You can sculpt for weeks, or develop an add-on for thousands of hours.

  21. Very cool! Would love to see a breakdown/examples of how this is done.

  22. Thank you ! Currently working on getting a v1.0 out the door asap, I might do a breakdown later /after

  23. Hello, I have recently been trying to figure out a way to use the projection from camera node on the Uv -Texture node, without the UVS dancing around when moving the camera.

  24. Ah Yes, but sometimes for an example if you are making an earthquake at frame lets say 180 then it would give a more nice blend between the cg and live footage instead of using the UVS at frame.

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