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Security guard UK: Nope. Not today

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  1. He had a perfect osoto gari setup and didnt act on it

  2. Yeah happened to me too bro. I competed ten times through white belt, went to class twice a day, the whole nine. Eventually i left and got promoted. Now i train at his gym with the part time instruct and full time at another place. The main thing is staying on point with your own goals. Don’t worry about the instructors too much.

  3. They need to move the shelter to mcneil island

  4. Every day I walk by this and see the propane and bbq… and the garbage and poop. Why did I pay so much for my home? I live in the third world. Seattle has lost its mind. Where is the law??? He was throwing knives the other day!

  5. Lol i just paid 50 bucks to throw knives at an axe throwing place and this motherfucker gets to do it for free lol

  6. I have been a nurse a while. Keiro northwest was created for the Asian community, but has since shut down. I really enjoyed working at st annes. Great facility. They might not have spots available though, its very small. You might be able to consult with a nursing consultant or a geriatric care manager that can help you.

  7. I stg i thought he was a purple belt already

  8. I pity you. As a sigma, I'm able see a full spectrum of dominance and rage.

  9. She just needed to bridge and escape out the back door

  10. God came down on Christmas day i know exactly what he say he said oi to the punks and oi to the skins and oi to the world now everybody wins

  11. Ironically, you can pull guard in catch with no penalty or contact requirements. Most BJJ tournaments have stricter rules regarding guard pulling than traditional catch wrestling.

  12. Got mine after 1.5. I can hang with everyone at my gym. All the gyms i train at lol. Try doing that. Then Complain. Best advice i can give you is be hard to kill. Be impossible to submit. Be able to escape. Be able to dominate. Be so ridiculously good, that you embarrass the upper belts. A couple weeks before i got my blue i embarrassed a big ass purple so bad and kept him from passing my guard he threw his phone and left the gym. Be that good. Then they will give you a belt. They will have no choice. Leave no doubt. Conquer. Annihilate. Be a dalek. Lol

  13. They need to take over some of these abandoned properties in the south end and turn those into housing with tight security patrols and sobriety policy. The one in mt baker comes to mind

  14. i’m three stripe white belt😂😂

  15. im thinking hes 3 stripe white belt

  16. I am too cheap, lazy, and insecure to get on steroids.

  17. Dont worry about those crybabies. As a brown belt in judo you will be a blue belt in bjj very soon, which means the ego and bs will dissipate.

  18. I'm wondering if his judo background is freaking other beginners out. He's still got a lot more experience than a typical white belt.

  19. True i think it depends on the school and if they compete though. I think he would be keen to compete and see where his skill set is within bjj. That might give him better perspective on how much effort you are putting in.

  20. This is so true, when I get on the freeway I stay in the far right lane.

  21. This is why i turn right on cherry if im on first. To stay away from this bs lol

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