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  1. I wouldn't say its urgent though. Plus he's a fantastic guy to have around for his experience and character

  2. Getting into VA can be a demoralizing slog, so I don't even want to know what it's like for live actors. Girl finally gets a gig, probably already trying to come to terms with what is expected of her if she wants to make money, and then comes home to a fight?

  3. That’s it? Nothing more articulate than that? No.

  4. I’m not sure what is the cause but I’m all for the total collapse of all religions

  5. Bro is not a good driver. Obliterated by gasly. He'll get booted at the end of this season

  6. Being the world champion of an irrelevant series doesn't make them anymore relevant tbh.

  7. Does he still aim at winning a WDC? Honestly in next 2-3 years, an RB reserve driver has better chance to win WDC than most starting drivers on the grid.

  8. Likely? No. Possible? Of course. Anythings possible. Needs many things to go right, 1st being max or perez getting ill, and Danny gets a drive in that red bull. If he wins the race (unlikely but possible) and perez flops badly for the rest of the season then danny will probably get his seat, then it's a very tough fight for the title but like i said, anything is possible.

  9. Imagine leaving one of biggest clubs in the world, with the possibility of Champions League football, for a team that finished 11th in the "Eastern Conference" last season.

  10. Yeah man imagine having suddenly found form in two season and at the age of 28 want to play 1st team football with great wages.

  11. Tbf it looks like a regular kick but the lack of control on the follow through might be where the red has come from

  12. It really is quite good. There are a few horrifying bits like that, but it all fits into the narrative. Don’t watch if you’re squeamish, but otherwise I’d recommend giving it a go.

  13. I usually quit watching if there's too many sex scenes. A few I can force myself through but I get really bad anxiety if there's too many and I'm scared of when the next will come

  14. How long will it be before we know if this is nearer to andromeda, or something in the milky way?

  15. He's talented, but doesn't deserve a seat going forth imo

  16. Mmm if if he won he would of been re-elected but he didn’t so Oopsie daisy

  17. Aggressive dogs should be imprisoned, like we do to aggressive or violent humans.

  18. Have fun with your woman killer fantasies but I've definitely never done this in red dead

  19. Clearly you have no idea what it is like to support Celtic or Sevco, I suggest you fuck off out of this sub Reddit and join the Scottish football sub Reddit, that's full of fuckwits too

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