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  1. Bro, I don’t think you understand the purpose of this sub…

  2. To make fun of reddit posts or comments written by little kids

  3. The bottles look a lot like the bottles ingame. Then the lag joke. CIG bad. Not lost, you are.

  4. Just do it again mate. Take in the scenery, save one more innocent, kill one more bandit. I lost my save on my first run, and now that I was forced to do it again I was able to keep Duke alive.

  5. As much as I want to, I don't have time. During the 2nd week of April, I have my final exam, so I thought I would finish the game by Sunday and begin preparing for it then. Now I don't have time to start the game from scratch. I would appreciate it if anyone reading this comment shared a saved game file with me.

  6. Fair enough. I would share mine if I had it, but unfortunately the drive I had it on got wiped a few months ago, sorry.

  7. If someone introduced their dog to you by saying “this is fluffy, there is a 1% chance of him killing you if you touch him, and even if he doesn’t you may still be mauled enough you will need your hand amputated” would you still pet it?

  8. I don't like huge ships but I like having a non claustrophobic ship with living quarters.

  9. I like the flying castle. When I need to fight and I can’t find a copilot for my Corsair I will hop in a fighter, but for non ship combat missions it is nice having a mobile base.

  10. I find it hilarious that the unknown worlds capsule screeners saw this and thought “sure, fuck it”

  11. You clicked of your own volition lol. The title wasn’t even misleading like

  12. Quick google shows hes american, we call oatmeal porridge over here,

  13. I’m seeing this at 3:49 am. We shall die of alzheimers together!

  14. That’s cute and all, but if that cat stops paying attention for even a second it’s gonna get stepped on. It needs a bright collar, simply for safety.

  15. This fucking hurts my eyes to read lol. They all just kinda blend

  16. Their watchers weren’t so much invisible, just the most high ranking in the OSKOM government. They may have been killed by a guy sent by the general to kill them all with a rocket launcher. They were all on the train leaving the city when this order was issued, so IDK if the guy was successful or not.

  17. Well, I’ve found Nurse, safety, and immunity. Why are yall getting locked? 🫤

  18. More like they were hiding in a tree shooting arrows at the horses of the bandits camping at the base of the tree.

  19. It is cheaply made with terrible English, but the joke is hilarious and accurate

  20. I mean, it already is pretty much a member of the DS family

  21. “You are either a female, or a not straight guy [and therefore are terrible to work with]”~ A female lol

  22. While I wouldn’t want Musk to be the one to do it, I wouldn’t mind the sequels no longer being cannon. They are an incohesive mess

  23. I’ve lived here long enough that I can go outside without a coat at 0 degrees C and be comfy cozy, so long as the wind isn’t being mean.

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