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Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.

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  1. IF that report was true. Maybe Tony Khan and he agreed to end their deal amicably so he could go back.

  2. I know it's just preaching to the choir but Roman is just on a level of his own with his character and his mannerisms.

  3. I mean, if he does leave the story is perfect. Jumps to AEW, helps a guy teasing a jump to WWE win the title against the first big WWE to AEW defection

  4. I know it would make the match way longer, but what if they cut the advantage intervals and then once it's 5 on 5, it becomes a traditional survivor series match

  5. She said "Dads" plural. Is she talking Dad/Step-Dad or were her Dads gay? I'm just genuinely curious.

  6. Who knew ditching the spooky pseudo philosophical nonsense with Edge and essentially making them a hot topic goth S&M club mixed with high school jock bullies, would be EXACTLY what they needed to break out.

  7. Only thing they need is to try and come up with monikers for themselves that only they use for each other because the announcers and other wrestlers refuse to refer to them using those names because coming up with your own nickname is lame

  8. I think it's pretty clear (perspective from about half my life in & around recovery) she was looking for an excuse to relapse...

  9. I mean she literally said sobriety was a great way to get an awesome buzz when you fall off

  10. Sonya Deville dated the Nazi after him, which was weird.

  11. First child is in the NICU. We heard the cafe would be serving turkey but it was closed so we had a bagel instead.

  12. If you don't have bagels with every Thanksgiving going forward and make it a new family tradition, I hope someone lox you up and throws away the key

  13. Very disappointed they blurred out rey's face on the wedding picture instead of a little floating mask

  14. It is so Vince to have hired this guy who had literally award winning hair only to make him cut it off

  15. Part of me wouldn’t mind seeing Kittle involved at the upcoming San Francisco shows. AEW has done a pretty solid job with celebrity matches in the past (Shaq, Action Bronson), so it’d be cool to see Kittle do a trios match with the Lucha bros

  16. Yeah but be can't team with Death Triangle because Niners and Pac'ers are mortal enemies

  17. I think the fact that Pete Dunne survived the initial Butch phase is such a great omen for him

  18. you know you did a shit job when the previous person in that position comes out of retirement to take the job back

  19. I woke up in the middle of the night with fox on TV and I guess they switched to fox News and they were talking about this story. Since I was half asleep I didn't listen but I somehow knew they were going to amplify this as SEE SEE GUNS AREN'T THE PROBLEM, ONE PERSON USED A KNIFE TOO

  20. Fixed wing pilot here, not rotary, but yeah, we hit birds with some frequency. Sometimes we see them like 0.4 seconds before collision and we're like "BANK!" but THWUMP happens before bank.

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