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  1. This game is supposed to be legendarily bad. Like, there was a report about a year ago saying this game was 100% finished but was testing so badly internally that there were concerns putting it out could majorly harm Nintendo's brand. IIRC there was supposedly debate on whether they should put it out on the Expansion Pack just to get it off their books.

  2. It'd be funny if it got anything higher than a 79. It'd be a true redemption.

  3. I feel like the big 4 can be argued in popularity, but also variety. Metroid offers an experience that Mario and Zelda doesn't, even if it is less popular. Kirby is another platformer, and Star Fox is more sci-fi. Animal Crossing or Pokemon works, because they are a life simulator and RPG respectively. But Zelda games have some RPG inspiration, and Animal Crossing is closer to Nintendo itself, in comparison to Pokemon.

  4. You've probably read the news about Nintendo, Steam and Dolphin.

  5. Are you still annoyed about Baten Kratos getting a port, but not F-Zero GX?

  6. 4 different varriations of green were scrapped late into development. Maybe they intended on adding more themes, but ran out of Ram.

  7. Phones are HD and have been for awhile, also do you have a source for them not wanting to develop for HD consoles?

  8. Or games just take time to produce? 2018 means they were developing the remake before the Switch came out. Then the company died.

  9. Yes, but if they were actually developing something for the Switch, they would announce it, especially if it was the remake. The Switch came out in 2017, and remakes don't take as long as new games. That would've made them more money, than if they announced remakes for the 3DS. But since they didn't announce any remakes for the Switch, it is safe to assume, that they were not developing the remakes for the Switch. Also, if they were, I would assume they would say "hey, we are making these remakes for 3DS, to hold you off until we make it for Switch"

  10. Arceus didn't have enough time to plan a return, or give a reason. He just wanted to give out a game, but he didn't think it through well enough.

  11. Every single Nintendo console and handheld has a gimmick.

  12. The Wii U wasn't advertised as a new console. Most people took it as an additional accessory. Watch the initial advertisement, not once do they say "console". That alone hurt a ton.

  13. By 2014/2015, I think most people went "oh, this is a new console, but they aren't showing anything I care about". Name some Wii U exclusives that many people would care about, that didn't have similar games on the 3DS. The only game that comes to mind is Pikmin 3, but Pikmin wasn't a seller then.

  14. Actually not. A man in Brazil used a Sega light gun and a man in Mexico used an nes zapper wrapped in tape.

  15. Ok. Its rarer to see that, than getting Chibi Robo, Cubivore, or Path of Raidence for a reasonable price.

  16. Damn straight, Boomers lost every ear they were connected to, at least we Zoomers can figure out how phones and laptops work, we could win the next big war, their lazy asses could never.

  17. Uj/ actually, the eShop has been de facto shut down since last year, as apart of Nintendo's response to the war in Ukraine. Since then, they've been "temporarily disabled" but now they're deciding to shut them down permanently

  18. Actually, that does make sense. Not like Russia is big into consoles, just PC's for Soi4 and CounterStrike.

  19. All of the franchises you listed performed significantly better than F-Zero throughout their lives. The best selling game was the SNES original at less than 3 million, and each following entry saw major drops. Nintendo gave F-Zero a pretty big marketing push by investing into the anime, and when that couldn’t even help the games sell 1 million copies, it’s clear why they dropped it.

  20. If you think a significant amount of people would go crazy for F-Zero you must’ve missed the fact that the series has been dead for 20 years. The series just isn’t popular, and doing a complete 180 with the genre will just create more confusion.

  21. That makes it the 2nd highest-grossing animated film of all time (3rd if you really think that a Live Action Lion King being photo-realistic because of CGI, should still be considered animated)

  22. "Star Fox VR" now THAT is how you completely kill a franchise

  23. pokemon's main theme is the intro from Red/Blue. it was used in part of Lance's fight song in GSC but its real origin is as the intro and title screen music from the first pokemon games.

  24. I feel like Donkey Kong feeling rejected from Cranky because Mario had defeated him, has more depth than "dad bad, spite him good". Also, Mario is a good person, but Donkey Kong didn't know that. Luigi getting injured is interesting, but I feel like some of Bowser's firing going through the hole on the sewer pipe, could still keep your idea intact, while still keeping the better defeat of Bowser. Mario could help Luigi get to the star, but not before Bowser gets in one more attack on his leg.

  25. That is why we kill all Pokemon fans, until they buy better games :troll:

  26. Not to mention, Miyamoto is not against story contrary to what most people may tell you. As games like Galaxy and Odyssey show, you can have a simple story in a Mario game.

  27. He didn't make either of those games, and he got rid of the story elements in Galaxy 2, when he had the chance.

  28. You could most definitely buy a several thousand dollar ridge racer cabinet if you'd like. Or you could stop pretending that it's immoral to download 40 year old code and play it on your computer in the privacy of your home. You guys don't believe any of the shit you're typing, and you probably speed in traffic and break laws that could ACTUALLY harm someone everyday. Yall are either trolls or you work for Nintendo, or just the biggest dumbasses on the internet.

  29. I don't care if people emulate or pirate, because of the pricing or age of some things. I just take issue, when people try to justify it, instead of just enjoying what they like, and moving on. I understand why someone wouldn't want to spend $3,824 on an arcade machine JUST to play ONE game with a simple loop, and I do not care if they emulate Lasso. And since its so old, I also won't go on a tangent on their justification. If its Gamecube or later, I still won't care, but I ask why you are trying to bother with a justification. Switch on PC is piracy, and there is no justification, besides wanting slightly better graphics and better FPS. that's my stance.

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